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The digital world has completely changed the world and it changed the communications between any businesses today. 

What is Digital Marketing?

Today, as you can see most of the business, is going online to boost their business with the help of digital marketing, which helps to promote in various ott channels and platforms. 

People today mostly spend their time on the internet, shopping, ordering delicious food, music or movie. With the help of smartphones today, the businesses, out there are easily solved through one call with the customers And solve the issue instantly. Digital media has widely spread that people have information of any place at any time instantly. 

It has been also said that digital marketing promoting products or brands via one or more electronic devices. For example, advertisements are used as the digital marketing source as mobile, phones & tablets are been used as a digital marketing strategy.  

Digital marketing is the use of devices that are more prolonged to the Internet.

Importance of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has become essential in every sector today. As we see from the fashion sector to pharmaceutical sector & even mechanism today. According to the sources we spend more than 10 hours a day using electronics. 

What are the main objectives of Digital Marketing?

It is generally used to develop the relationship between the customers & the business. The main objective of Digital Marketing are as follows

  1. Increase traffic
  2. Turns out traffic into goals & objectives
  3. It gains customer loyalty
  4. Influence goal

A lot of people have a misconception about Digital Marketing that Online Marketing & Digital Marketing are the same, which is false. Digital marketing plays a vital role in transferring digital signals while online marketing is about online connectivity. Billboards, Radio, Television are a form of digital marketing. 

Every business today in the world needs more sales, leads, profits. Digital Marketing was used for a long time but didn’t have a proper channel to utilize it. But now since the business has changed the digital channels have increased. 

Digital Marketing has 9 major types, they are as follows-

1. Content marketing

2. SEO


4 Social Media Marketing

5 Email Marketing

6 Mobile Marketing

7 TV & Radio Marketing

8 Electronic Billboards

9 Pay per click advertising

Here are 6 Digital Marketing Techniques every service-based business should use

They are as follows

1. Use SEO & SME

Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing makes your business appear higher on the list of search engine list. SEO helps to get associated with the keywords with a power SEO marketing.

2. Maintain a Blog

 Maintaining a blog is a key point for digital marketing services. A blog is somewhere you can offer advice, give information about particular topics. A blog helps to maintain the relationship and build that trust. 

3. Hold Contest & Giveaways

Who doesn’t like free products, everyone does everyone loves something that has been delivered to the doorstep at no cost. So when it involves posting a giveaway contest, most of the brands hesitate to try to do it but if you’ll be able to handle it strategically it’s a great way to extend your followers. If you’re hosting a giveaway contest and if it’s really important to your audience, consider if you’re targeting mothers who are actively trying to find baby food, then your giveaway must be the milk bottle. 

4. Use Email Marketing

Digital Media has completely changed the game when it comes to how small businesses think of email marketing. Sharing your email newsletter across your social networks can open your content up to a whole new audience and generate the type of buzz you’ve been looking for. This allows you to connect with potential customers & clients. 

5. Write Online Press Release

Online press releases are the best way to let your information out there in a formal way. And with this, it helps all the newspaper, press releases and articles to put the story out there without the efforts of you being there.


To conclude, digital marketing has just not only one area to focus on, it has numerous channels to figure out to put your services & products out there. Public Media Solution a very well know PR & Digital marketing company in Pune has mass access over the market today adding numerous benefits 

By Anurag Rathod

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