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Does your product demand protection but wants to leave an impression as well? Are you seeking a packaging option that doesn’t put a damper on your product’s value and style? In that case, custom mailer boxes are the ideal choice for you!

Businesses that involve a daily chore of shipment and delivery direly require mailer boxes. Mailer boxes are an efficient form of packaging that can accommodate any kind of product: large or small, fragile, or sturdy.  Yet, what makes them a revolutionary packaging choice is not just their ability to accommodate various products, but the infinite customization options they offer!

Mailer boxes can readily be transformed inside out. If you’re wondering why not simply opt for custom boxes that too can be customized, then let it be known that regular custom boxes may be crafted with utmost elegance and style but they can often lack in durability and function.

Compared to them, customer mailer boxes are not only modish but functional as well. Your product will fit the box, remain in its set position, and be protected from any harm which makes its shipment a reassuring process.

Especially if you’re an online business company, Custom Mailer Boxes can leave a lasting imprint on your customer’s memory with an extraordinary first impression. From double-sided and sleeved, to fully coloured and printed, your custom box can incorporate a myriad of ideas. All you need is a talented designer, such as OBT packaging, to translate your imagination into reality!

One important thing to remember though, when customizing your mailer boxes remember to put your logo on!

What Makes Custom Boxes with Logo So Important?

People get so busy designing the perfect custom box they forget to invest just as much in highlighting their logo on the packaging. Or they forget about the logo altogether. This is a mistake. A logo is a business’s identity and custom boxes with logo are the key to being known among your target customers.

Here are a few of the many benefits of featuring your logo on custom mailer boxes:

  • People tend to recall graphics and illustrations better than lengthy statements. This implies that a well-designed logo stamped or printed to your mailer box would leave a temporary mark in your customer’s memory.
  • Especially with your online customers’ community, a lot of texts and names will probably be buried at the back of the mind but the logo will be an easily retrievable image from the memory bank.
  • Logo-printed mailer boxes will definitely stand out due to their sophisticated and professional vibe. This means when the customers associate your logo with your brand they will be associating professionalism with it and feelings of excitement with your business as a result of a great unboxing experience!
  • Often people end up storing the product boxes. This means the next time your custom mailer box appears before their eyes; their mind will instantly conjure your business and the positive feelings associated with it.
  • A logo-printed mailer box can be the most convenient and effective way to inspire people to choose your product and engage with your business.

How Do Custom Mailer Boxes Satisfy Logistic Needs?

Customizations and fancy talk aside, how do custom mailer boxes prove useful?

As a business owner, it is likely that focusing on your packaging’s appeal and style is probably your secondary concern. With constant product shipments and a standard to maintain, your first priority would be efficiency, security, durability, affordability, and effective functionality.

This classy packaging option can be Molded into any form of packaging that you desire and that your product requires. Eco-friendly, lightweight, stylish, anything! The limit truly is your imagination.

Here are why customer mailer boxes are the best choice you’ll ever make for your business:

Custom Product Boxes, Above All, Must Protect!

The enormous investments in your custom product boxes are all moot if they don’t even protect the product inside. The best quality of custom mailer boxes is that they guarantee product security and their protective material mitigates all chances of damage.

Custom product boxes can be custom made according to the shape, size, and material requirements of the product without compromising their sturdiness and durability. Their robust design makes them so safe and undamageable that they can even be reused!

Affordability? You’ve got it!

An appealing factor with mailer packaging is that the mailer boxes are moderately low-priced. Although the price may vary depending on the desired packaging material, retailers will have no problem affording them for their everyday shipment uses. In any case, the cheap prices have nothing on their quality.

Any Shape and Size, Mailer Boxes Can Fit Them All

What increases the efficiency of mailer boxes is that they can house any product item regardless of its shape, size, and material.

To begin with, they are already available in various sizes and shapes, moreover, you can easily get them customized and designed to fit your unique product!

What adds to their versatile nature are the different packaging materials that these boxes can be found in. You can choose the necessary elements and the mailer box adapts to them all.

Carry Them Wherever, These Boxes Are Light Weight!

Another reason custom mailer box is your ideal choice is their light-weightiness.

These extremely user-friendly boxes can easily be carried from one place to another which makes them popular not only with retailers but also people who simply want to send a present to their loved ones in wholesome packaging.

In addition to that, since these boxes are extremely light weight they also help in significantly reducing the shipment charges. This is because the weight of the box itself is not added to the total shipment amount!

Custom Mailer Boxes Play Their Part in Saving the Environment

Customer mailer boxes are typically made using eco-friendly and non-toxic materials. In fact, one commonly used material for mailer boxes is cardboard which is a 100% recyclable and biodegradable material. This makes them harmless to the natural environment.

Moreover, considering the current rise in global warming, custom mailer boxes are an eco-friendly solution to your packaging problems.

The Infinite Customizability Options Are Surreal!

Coming back to the secondary concern, customizability, custom mailer boxes don’t fall short here either. Stamp them, print them, design and modify them, these boxes are totally at the mercy of your imagination and creativity.  They are bound to magnificently complement the standards of your business.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.