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When you think of building a game app, what comes to your mind first? Probably, you would say—how to do it? Right? We mean where to start from, what to pay attention to, and what to steer clear of. So, if that is true, we have a relevant answer to make you familiar with. For example, when flutter app developers plan to make a gaming app, they keep three important things in their mind, i.e.,

  1. It should have an easy storyline.
  2. It should have effortless controls.
  3. It should have an engaging interface.

If they succeed on all these parameters while developing a gaming application, the chances are high that their virtual product will be highly-admired among the targeted audience. And if you are also considering constructing an online contesting app that becomes highly popular across the world, you must choose to work with a top cross-platform app development company.

But do you know why? Because they are the ones who have expertise in Android and iOS game app development, that will cost you less in terms of creation and maintenance expenses owing to the use of a single codebase for both jobs.

Thus, if you want to rake in maximum profits possible for your establishment, it is a wise decision to take the cross-platform app development route for your gaming software fabrication. Ok? If yes, now let’s gather information about:  

Why should you prefer cross-platform app development over native ones, as per Flutter app developers?

One of the solid reasons why it is not a smart decision to manufacture multiple native apps for various platforms is that it requires clients to have deep pockets and abundant essential resources. The codebase used by Android and iOS developers to build the same mobile program is entirely different.

That means they can’t share the same codebase with each other for reusability purposes. Thus, the separate development and maintenance of each codebase increases the app development cost for iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems. It is the chief reason why it makes sense to pay flutter app developers for your cross-platform game app development.  

With cross-platform app development, you can be rest assured of having a single application in several app stores using just one codebase. What else? This sort of app development method have an edge over its rival with:

  1. Limited development resources requirements
  2. Faster launch
  3. Low budget necessity
  4. Massive audience reach

Beyond that, you will be surprised to know that:

  1. There are almost 3.48 million apps in Google Play Store and 2.22 million apps in the Apple App Store. Therefore, targeting a single operating system for your commercial app creation is not a good decision for your organization. For that reason, cross-platform app development is the most pressing need for your entity.
  2. Although there are tens of cross-platform frameworks out there, 42% of software developers taps Flutter and 38% calls on React Native.
  3. The best thing about React Native is that its 80% of the codebase can be shared across a number of platforms.

So, if this data encouraged you to rely on multi-platform development for your sporting app creation, employ a cross-platform app development agency now to make your dreams come true.  

With that over, it is time to discover:

Who developed Temple Run?

According to some trusted sources, Imangi Studios made a famous running game, known as Temple Run. It was the most loved game in the world when it was launched, and it is the most loved game even now. Millions of people fail to prevent themselves from playing it.

And the best part? This cloud-based running contest has garnered around $100,000 in the year post its launch. Today, in this content, you will learn how you can build a successful app as Temple Run and collate the profits you expected in the first place. So, let’s begin with:

What is the background tale of Temple Run?

Before anything, you must know that Imangi Studios was initiated by two brilliant individuals, i.e.,

  1. Kevin Shepard
  2. Natalia Luckyanova

This couple is globally-known for making many high-quality apps, including Temple Run. But have you ever wondered why Temple Run became so popular across the globe? No? Then, we must inform you that the biggest reason was its ability to resonate with the players.

Thus, you must note this point to that the gaming software you are considering building for your targeted users must strike a connection with them in some way or another. Else, your gaming program may not kill it in its potential market once launched.

Now, if you wish to forge such an app right away that lets you experience maximum success in just a few months, you must have some highly-skilled flutter app developers at your hand.

What tips do you need to construct an app like Temple Run?

To manufacture smartphone software like Temple Run, the flutter app developers keep the following techniques in mind:

  1. They focus on forming games that evoke fun and excitement at the same time. What’s more? The web-based sporting program you are planning to create must be quick, casual, and should entail an interesting story that is easy to perceive for everyone. In addition to that, it will also pay off if you introduce some natural and intuitive controls to your gaming program.

And to do this, you might have to invest a lot of time in experimenting with different controls to get the best possible results. But can you guess why we are emphasizing this aspect so much? If not, we must clarify that intuitive controls align pretty well with the standard lifestyle of people. Moreover, it is simple controls in the Temple Run that helped it make waves among all players.

Yes, interested fellows are still able to play this game with just one hand, making it easy for them to enjoy their gaming journey. Now coming to Temple Run 2, it made it big in the gaming market because of its high-quality graphics and a more challenging commute.

This version of the game is mainly loved because of new missions that made the entire game more difficult and breathtaking for players. Now, if you also want to come up with such a player-centric app anytime soon, it is advisable to get into conversation with a cross-platform app development agency. 

  1. Please make sure to implement some extremely famous controls in your app, such as jumps, obstacles, and slide and tilt controls. Apart from this, you can also add some additional elements to your game, like lava or fire, to be more creative with your digital product.

That’s not all! It also makes sense for flutter app developers to add an energy bar to the game’s interface to boost the energy level of the runner and ward off fatigue. By doing this, the different stages in the game will become more intense and satisfying for the players.

  1. If you have ever played Temple Run, you must have noticed that the lead character keeps walking continuously and makes a 90-degree turn whenever required. So, when making such applications, flutter app developers think of the protagonist navigating the whole game.

In short, developing such gaming software requires the creator to focus heavily on the main character, create some sort of tension in the game, and make the chase more entertaining. A case in point here is that in a Temple Run, the main reason to keep running continuously is to steal a sacred idol. And in the meanwhile, some naughty monkeys try to prevent the main character from achieving their goal, making it troublesome for the runner to run further.

  1. Last but not least, the experts of a cross-platform app development firm keep trying different things that are likely to draw new players to the game and engage them. For instance, you can think of Subway Surfers, Despicable Minion 2, or some other gaming app for that matter.

Besides that, there are hundreds of other games in the market to that remained too far from a good fate, which will make you realize what you need to do with your game development to yield impressive results at the end of the day.

Hence, the crux of the matter is that forging optimal-quality fun games is the need of the hour. And if you are willing to excel at that goal right off the bat, we would suggest teaming up with a professional cross-platform app development establishment without any hesitation.

What are some JavaScript engines used for game app creation, according to a cross-platform app development firm?

No doubt, developing great games is a cumbersome task. But you can facilitate this job using the right tools. For example, JavaScript engines are something that you will need to leverage advanced-level facilities compared to the rest of the engines.

They render a wide variety of tools, resources, and add-ons that enhance the quality of your game development process. And that’s why JavaScript engines are the main reason behind such a massive attention given to Temple Run 2. So, let’s learn about a few reliable JavaScript engines that you can use for your game software development:

  1. melonJS

melonJS is a 2d sprite-based engine used by a myriad of software designers and developers to fabricate online contesting applications. It is lightweight in nature and comes with a mind-blowing feature of being fully independent. Yes, it doesn’t need any third-party plugins to work perfectly. However, you can use some external tools if you want to boost your overall experience with this engine.

Be mindful, melonJS ships with an integrated, tiled editor that you can take advantage of to create multiple levels easily. Additionally, it is also known to have a texture pack to auto-generate and build the much-needed textures within the game. The best of all? melonJS also has an algorithm-based technology, popularly known as “arcade” that comes in handy for speedy collision detection. This engine supports a wide range of browsers, like:

  1. Chrome
  2. Safari
  3. Firefox

Therefore, if you want your playing app to be developed using this JavaScript engine, please reach out to a cutting-edge cross-platform app development company now.  

  1. Phaser

Phaser is another 2D engine on this list that is offered to developers with some monumental features for manufacturing WebGL and canvas-driven games. This engine fits the bill of game creators who have an idea to create a player-centric app and are looking to turn their idea into reality.

With Phaser, any software creator can make an interactive and engaging gaming application and deploy it to the web with the help of some essential tools, like:

  1. Follow-camera
  2. Sound
  3. Animation
  4. Device scaling
  5. Mobile browser

Even though this JavaScript engine doesn’t cost even a penny, it is not short on abilities. Yes, with Phaser you can ensure cross-platform app development that users can access using any:

  1. Web browser
  2. Mobile device
  3. Desktop

And the finest part? Getting started with Phaser is immensely easy and straightforward, as wads of tutorials are available to help game creators do their job.

  1. Babylon.js

Babylon.js is the next leading name in the industry that turned out to be useful for fabricating some highly-praised games, like:

  1. Temple Run 2
  2. Space Invaders

This next-generation web rendering 3D technology possess a long list of features, including but not limited to:

  1. Follow-camera
  2. Light sources

Both of them are highly practical tools for developing considerable and feature-rich games. Thus, everything boils down to the point that if you are thinking about coming with a mind-boggling gaming app anytime soon, ask seasoned flutter app developers to use Babylon.js for your game development. 


  1. PixiJS
  2. Kiwi
  3. GDevelop
  4. Play Canvas
  5. Impact.js

Final note

Up until this time, if you enjoyed acquiring the desired knowledge about game app development through this content, do not forget to share the information with other individuals too. And if you need help to implement your game idea perfectly to produce a superb gaming app, hire top-notch flutter app developers without caring too much about the expenditure. 

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