citrix workspace
August 12, 2018
Citrix Workspace app overview

Citrix is a contextual and unified workspace app which you can access it anywhere and anytime. It’s a platform where you can keep all your important applications a one place.

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amazing apps
July 29, 2018
Top 5 Amazing Apps 2018

Check out this video to find out all that there is to these awesome Android apps. Get insights, information and acknowledge details about these apps that no one ever told you before Check them out right here!

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meta workspace demo
July 27, 2018
Meta Workspace Demo

In the tech industry, “dogfooding” is a common term that describes when companies make employees use the software and hardware. They make so that bugs can be caught and everyday improvements can be dreamed before the product ever hits the market.

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Gojek clone
June 26, 2018
GoJek Clone App Script

What is Gojek? Gojek is Indonesia based startup company that offers on-demand services like beauty, taxi app, food delivery, parcel delivery and many more. 

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