Cab Booking Platform
September 2, 2019
Top App Features to Launch Online Cab Booking Platform

The online taxi booking application development process can be considered as a standout amongst other mobile application development processes. Taxi booking applications like Ola and Uber has given buyer simplicity to travel anytime and anywhere without stressing over anything.

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Mobile Applications
August 27, 2019
4 Ways of How Mobile Applications Are Benefitting the Businesses

In the world of digital mediums mobile applications have taken much of space in our personal lives. Hours and hours we spend on mobile applications switching from social media to games and to service providing applications.Well, whoever came up with this idea was surely genius but whoever came up with the idea of connecting the business with mobile application was surely a great businessman and a god-made entrepreneur because his idea has changed the course of entire business operations in the world.

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rooting apps android
August 16, 2019
Top Free Rooting Apps for Android Os

If you think if you are the boss of your Android smartphone, then my dear, you are wrong. It is a reality you are just users of the smartphone, and in the backend, developers will controlling the devices (Android authority).

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clone gojek
August 13, 2019
The unconquerable attributes of clone gojek

Gojek is an on-demand mobile application that permits the users to enjoy different services with the palm of their hands. Whether it’s about hiring a safe and comfortable ride or if it is about booking a professional expert or food delivery, everything is possible with this single app.

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