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College life undoubtedly offers one of the most thrilling experiences in life. Most of the students explore life at the college in different dimensions. Some are obsessed with quality grades, and others are trying to venture into business.

Still, students in college need to have fun, and one of the ways students do it in their free time is by either listening to music or watching movies. To create balance in all these activities, most of them use various apps. Here are the nine apps college students should use in 2022.


There is a lot of writing at the college level. It can either be a thesis, essay, or any other writing. When writing, you have to research the topic given. Grammarly is one of the best apps that will not only help you to avoid plagiarism but also in shaping your sentences. With this app, you will achieve clarity and confidence in whatever you are writing.

You can easily download the free version of this app and install its extension to the application you are using for typing. As you type, it will highlight and suggest the necessary corrections for you. If you run short of time, you hire the best assignment writing service uk online to do your work as you focus on other alternatives.


Networking is very vital for survival in the outside world. Unfortunately, most college students go too far in finding the right connection forgetting that there is a simple way of doing this. Just be on LinkedIn. This app is more than any other social media app. It’s more geared towards the professional development of everyone on it.

With LinkedIn, you can easily build a strong network of professional contacts and existing job alerts. You can go through different adverts for various jobs to learn what you expect in the corporate world.

Here, you will get a bit of knowledge on corporate training, whereby different companies hire trainers to retrain their staff. But not every company does that! At least you have a platform to learn which does and which doesn’t. 

Google Drive

Maybe you have heard about it but never bothered to know what it does. Google Drive is not just a place to store your files but also a place to make things. There are plenty of tools for any writing assignment. Take quizzes and create slideshows if you are preparing for a group work presentation.

Slides, sheets, and docs in google drive are just like those in Microsoft Office and other services. The greatest benefit of Google Drive is that it’s a free service that can be downloaded from the internet.

You will need to make a Google account first before using it. The documents will get saved automatically as you work on them. In case your computer crashes, the auto-save feature will store your work on the server.


College students are mainly focused on saving the little money they have. Despite this, most of them like to dress like celebrities. That means they have to find an affordable way of getting fairly priced clothes.

Shopping online seems to be perfect for most students on campus. They rarely have time to walk from one store to the other, choosing the best outfit for them. In this case, the AliExpress app can be of great help to them. 

It’s one of the driving forces for cheap online shopping for students. Still, students can order all other items they need on this app and get them delivered to them on time. This saves them more learning time, and they can easily engage in various activities.


Every student will agree that college math is often challenging without adequate practice. It’s no longer a matter of basic addition, subtraction, division, or multiplication. Here, you have to learn how to use different symbols in mathematics and how you can relate them to other concepts.

Photomath is more of an educational app for the students who are taking courses that are related to math. Instead of spending too much cash on hiring a tutor, you can use this app to get your questions solved.

It’s pretty simple to use this app. Just take a picture of the question you are facing challenges with. Photomath will analyze the question and teach you how you can solve it in the simplest possible way. The explanations sometimes usually feature different methods of solving the question at hand. 


In every college, it’s hard to miss students without headphones or earphones while resting. Music is an integral part of college life. Music provides a soothing effect to the students, especially when stressed.

It helps to improve focus and provide motivation to the students when they feel low. It provides a perfect avenue to let go of the grid in the evening after classes or during the weekends. Most of the students highly prefer music at their parties.

Instead of using expensive platforms to download music, college students can use the Spotify app. It’s more in demand amongst students, and it’s among the reigning champions in providing quality songs to the students. The premium deal for the premium subscription is too low, and this will help them save and play all kinds of music they love.


Additional certifications are vital for students, especially when it comes to job hunting after college life. Spending time productively is the dream of every college student. Unfortunately, most of them waste their time on things that add little or no value to them.

These activities do not promote professional growth or any other kind of physical or emotional benefit. To add to your certifications and increase your knowledge, Udemy is the best app you can use.

You will get soft skills that will be very useful later in life. Here, you get most IT-related courses like programming or data science courses. The classes are self-paced. You can decide when to continue learning and take a break. 

Google Stadia

It’s normal to be obsessed with games as a student. Educational games play an important role in the cognitive development of the students. Though, you need to regulate the number of hours you are playing the games as most of them are very addictive.

Google Stadia offers incredible and immersive games every student would wish to play during their free time. It’s a free cloud gaming subscription service that lets you purchase the games and play them virtually on any screen that you own.

So, you don’t have to worry about carrying your laptop as long as you have your phone with you. With just $10, you can get many free games and 4K gameplay.


Managing tasks effectively is often challenging. College students usually have a lot of tasks to do at the end of the day. These include assignments, learning, watching movies, or any other activity, that is why students sometimes need some college paper help.

Without proper planning, most of these activities are likely to be forgotten. That’s why college students need the Wunderlist app. It offers an easy way to manage your daily to-do lists.

This app will help you get things done faster as it’s very great for planning and organizing. Many features like reminders, notifications, and sharing options ensure that you achieve all that you want on the app.


There are a lot of activities that students can engage in at the campus level, depending on their tastes and preferences. That’s why the apps used vary from one student to the other, depending on what the students want to achieve.

By Anurag Rathod

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