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Everyone must buy an overseas visitor health cover (OVHC) policy before they go to Australia on a visitor, work, or any visa except a student visa.

The Australian Government also mentions that people visiting Australia must have an OVHC policy before applying for a 600-visitor visa. The visa will only be granted to the concerned person if bought the respective policy.

The following blog discusses essential things to consider before buying 600-visitor visa health insurance and how to compare OVHC to ensure you have a good deal. 

What is OVHC Policy?

The OVHC policy allows the person to visit Australia for the following reasons –

  • Business,
  • Cruise trips
  • Meeting friends and family
  • Or vacations

The policy covers the cost of any unpredictable hospitalization or medical treatment expenses during the person’s stay in Australia.

Why is OVHC Policy Important?

Many countries across the world have costly healthcare facilities, and so is Australia. No matter how long you stay in the hospital or the overall charges of visiting a doctor and buying the medicines, it will cost you thousands of dollars. Thanks to OVHC – Overseas Visitors Health Cover as it helps visitors by covering their healthcare expenses for their stay in Australia.

The policy covers different healthcare costs such as treatments of ENT – ear, nose, and throat, visiting a doctor for common problems like cold and cough, or visiting for particular treatments. OVHC may also cover dental and optical therapies.

When is OVHC for Visitors Required?

There are different types of visitor visas, and all have different health insurance needs. Therefore, checking your visa type and the requirements for your health insurance before applying for it is essential. Even the Australian Government asks visitors to have health insurance before entering Australia. 

Things to Consider Before Buying OVHC

Buy OVHC that is Right for You: 

You must find the right OVHC plan from various insurance policies. Mainly, it should cover all your family members included in your application and meet your healthcare needs. You must be thorough with the policy you are buying.

Compare the Policies & Prices:

Comparing health insurance policies with different insurance providers will help you understand better options. Health insurance provides benefits with huge differences between them. Therefore, it would be best advised to compare before buying. 

Be Thorough with the Fine Print: 

Once your insurance comes, it will be in the fine print. Although you cannot be thorough with all the fine print policies of the insurance provider, still look at the important ones. Skipping a vital detail may cost you a penny.

Buy or Renew Policy before Expiry: 

You must renew your OVHC policy before its expiry unless you are not changing it. Do all the work yourself rather than waiting for the providers to contact you. 

How to Choose a Good OVHC Provider?

You must compare OVHC plans with offers from different insurance providers to know what plan fits your healthcare needs. Buying the wrong OVHC will lead you to expensive health treatments in Australia; therefore, seek expert guidance only.

The next most important thing to look for in a good OVHC provider is that he offers affordable prices and the process is quick and easy. Also, cheap does not mean better always, so be careful about the OVHC plan you are going ahead with. It should be good enough and within your budget. 

This is where Budget Policy comes in, providing an edge over several health insurance providers in the market. Moreover, you can get your hands on more than what our competitors offer you.


OVHC policy is essential for all visitors visiting Australia and covers many healthcare services. You need to ensure that you are buying it from a genuine OVHC provider and that the plan you purchase covers all your health needs.

The budget policy is one OVHC provider that has helped thousands of applicants safely visit Australia. We offer affordable and high-quality services from BUPA, Medibank, etc. You can send us BUPA quotes or Medibank insurance quote to gain more information.

Reach us through our website, and we will gladly serve you with your healthcare needs!

By Anurag Rathod

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