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Buying dress material that is unstitched material for your salwar kameez which is the most trendy traditional indian outfit. Dress materials are fabric which are cut according to the finish product but are bought before they are stitched so you can get it stitched according to your wish. Though there are many options available in readymade clothes, the best  option is to get yourself a dress material and tailor it in your favorite design.

The unstitched dress material comes in 3- piece sets which includes salwar or the pant, kameez, and a dupatta or scarf. The longest cloth is for your kameez. People are choosing salwar suits instead of many other traditional outfits due to its comfort and availability in most fabrics which all kinds of people prefer. Salwar suits depending upon the fabric used can be worn casually, workplace or even at weddings. To get your salwar suits right you’ll opt for dress material instead of buying it readymade. Dress material gives you liberty of curating the suit according to your preferences.

  • You can choose your dress material

Dress material comes in many different types of fabrics giving the wearer an option to choose what kind of fabric they prefer as not every fabric is comfortable for everyone. Every fabric has their own set of features and cons which the customer can think about before buying the fabric. And even the place and event you are wearing matters before buying the dress material. The most preferred fabric is cotton dress material wholesale. Cotton is always chosen for everyday wear clothing.

  • You can get it tailored the way you want

Buying a dress material will give you a freedom of getting it tailored according to your wish, as when you go for readymade dresses you like kameez of some and salwar of some and can’t choose one without compromising, but when you are getting it tailored you can choose whichever pattern you want for the kameez and salwar you planning to get. There are many designs on pinterest that catch our eyes but we can’t find them anywhere and even if we do the expense and cost is not in our budget so how about we get it tailored by ourselves? It will be cist effective and as per our want.

  • It will be easier to experiment

You can bring your own fashion designs into the salwar when you are getting unstitched dress material for your salwar kameez. You can get your favorite puffed sleeves with your convenient neckline and even the length of kameez can be done with your preference. You can experiment. You can even create a fusion of your traditional salwar suit with your modern touch to create a statement look.

  • Mix and match

You can choose your favorite fabric for both salwar and kameez according to your wish, it is not mandatory to wear salwar and kameez together you can mix and match them together with palazzos, leggings or jeans with your kameez or salwar can be worn with crop tops and short kurtis too.

  • Cost effective

Unstitched dress materials are relatively less expensive compared to readymade salwar kameez. You can get expensive designer dress materials such as brocade, zari woven silk, banarasi silk, pashmina and chiffon at a very affordable price. They even come in beautiful embroidery like chikan, phulkari, kasab and such. There are many unstitched dress materials which are cheap and are more preferable for day -to wear or party wear. These dress materials come in many comfortable fabrics such as cotton, linen, khadi, polyester, viscose and faul silk. with many different types of embroidery work like bandhej, abstract print and many more.

  • Dress the part

These unstitched dress materials can be tailored according to the newest trends and fashion. You can add your sense of fashion into the dress material you purchase. You can go for monochrome shades or add plain clothing to bold prints or similar to bring stability to your outfit. This way you can add cultural ethnicity to your outfit elegantly. These dress materials are perfect for weddings and functions to add elements to your outfit to make it eye turner.

  • Show your personality

The way you present yourself in a crowd matters a lot though clothes are essential but they play a role more than protecting us, they show and represent our personality be it in your family function or a professional meeting. What you wear leaves a great impression on someone’s mind when they meet you for the first time. So you should make sure your vibe and auras are shown in your outfit. It could be anything: the color you choose, the designs on it, the fabric, or even the pattern of clothing you are wearing.

  • The fashion trend

Fashion changes every day, you can never be sure when the long kurta you bought yesterday will go out of fashion. Indian ladies play a smart game. They always keep an unstitched dress material at their place so they can get it stitched for a particular event keeping up with the right fashion trend.

  • Unique body type

Everyone has a different and unique body type and not all readymade dresses are suitable for everybody as they are made with a most common body type in mind. With unstitched dress material you can get this customized tailored according to your own body type.

Indian ethnic wear has always been loved all over the world. No matter what it is but in the era of everyone working until their legs give out, comfortable clothing is important and must. And what could be more comfortable than salwar kameez? There are many ways of getting yourself an unstitched dress material be it online or offline. Salwar kameez had been in the wardrobe of women for centuries; it may have gone under changes but it never went out of trend and fashion. With many alterations it has just gotten more graceful. They are suitable for all small gatherings to weddings to the workplace. When paired with heavy earrings, simple makeup, a clutch and comfort juttis can make you look even more beautiful.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.