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What are the various aspects of the Bungkusit Clone App?

What are the various aspects of the Bungkusit Clone App?

There is no argument when it comes to the popularity of the On Demand Delivery apps like Bungkusit. The world is locked down for all intents and purposes. Due to the corona virus pandemic lockdown, most countries are only accommodating very essential movement if at all. This is why; people are getting dependent on online food delivery portals.

Considering the tremendous need building up in the market, the number of companies all over the world that have started their own business in the similar direction To do this, many entrepreneurs have gone ahead and built their own app like the on demand grocery and food delivery app like Bungkusit clone, some others, however, have turned to buying the Bungkusit clone app instead.

Bungkusit clone

What is a Bungkusit Clone?

The clone of an app is essentially another app modeled after the exact script of the existing one. This means that the Bungkusit app clone is the popular version of the app itself. Since your app is built on the structure of the existing one, you don’t have to worry about any of the details that are entwined within it. For example, building an app entails an entire process of hiring multiple resources such as iOS app developer, Android app developer, the website developer, Data Base manager, systems analyst, project manager and quality analyst. When you take a cloned app everything is prebuilt. Thus, you don’t have to worry about hiring anyone or concerning yourself with salaries or even the perks associated with the companies employment.

What’s more, building an app takes more than just a laptop. Chances are, you will have t spend a fortune on the development centre to build the app and also the technology stack for the app. Eliminating the entire process of building the app will not only save you a lot of money, it will also invariably be a much more time efficient. While building an app from scratch might take anywhere between one to two years, getting a cloned app will only take about 4 to 5 business days.

Getting a white label mobile app

Entrepreneurs who wish to build the reputation of their brand should rely on white label app development companies. A white label mobile app development company builds the entire app with your company’s brand and logo.

When you purchase an app from a white label company, it will take 4 to 5 business days to completely white label the app. The app will have your logo and brand name along with changing the color theme of your brand name. This entire process takes about 4 to 5 business days. So, by getting your Bungkusit clone, you can start off your business in a matter of less than a week.

What are the components that an on demand delivery app comprises of?

While to the common eye, it just seems like a single app, the operations of the online grocery and food delivery platform are dependent on a host of complex systems. They all are integrated and fashioned into a single application. Let us take a look at the various segments involved in this app.

The User App

This is the part of the application that is seen and utilized by the user of the app. This means, the customer of the application can use this app. This is a fully functional application and not just a part of the app. Make sure that your developers build an android as well as an iOS app for your user application.

The Delivery Driver App

This is the section of the application for the delivery drivers. They can download and log in to the app to start taking orders for deliveries. This is the section of the application that will allow the delivery drivers to make sure that they can make money using your application. Just like the user app, the delivery driver app will have a separate panels. The app is available on both Android as well as iOS platforms.

Grocery Store App

This part of the app is for the requirements of the grocery store. This app will allow the grocery store to list out their items, take orders, and assign delivery drivers and much more.

The Front End of the Website.

If you want to successfully establish a business from the application, you can just rely on a mobile app. To ensure that you are reliable brand or a company name for all your customers, you have to make sure that your app is backed up by a responsive website. This website acts as a frontend for your business for marketing purposes. Furthermore, the customers can place orders through you without having to download the app or even log in to it.

Admin Panel

This part of the application allows you to manage and keep a track of everything that is happening in your app. You can view all activities, download reports, set perimeters, and assign the commission percentage and much more.

Considering the wealth of different components involved in building your application, you have probably understood the magnitude of this app and therefore how complex it is. Apart from building each of these parts for the app, one has to bear in mind that a functional app also requires the integration of multiple APIs for a smooth functioning.

How to purchase the right kind of app?

This is a question most entrepreneurs have. The popularity of the app has grown phenomenally over the last few years. Many app designers and developers are building their own versions of the app. But not all apps are alike. The requirement for each business too is different.

The scale, size and geographical launch location of the region of the application will definitely impact the requirement you need for your business. Purchase your app from a reputed white label company that has at least over half a decade’s experience. Make sure that you take a trial of the app before investing in it.

A reputed company will setup log in credentials for you to take a free demo of the app. Download the app on your own device and log in to it using the given credentials.

After this you can take the app for a test drive. Ensure that you inspect the app from all the components. You must download android and iOS versions of the app for the users, delivery drivers and the grocery stores. This will give you an inside experience of the app.

With our experience we have come across many entrepreneurs who has a set idea of what they want to do with their Bungkusit clone app. It is a natural to setup a new business that has a definite vision. However, sometimes, what we want things to be like aren’t exactly what the business needs.

Being in this business for the past 8 years has given us the advantage of studying the market patterns. Having the right set of features such as contactless delivery, multi-store option, etc. is extremely important. Hence to make sure that your competitors don’t sweep the rug from under your feet.


To set up on a venture to start on demand grocery delivery mobile app like Bungkusit app, you must not tread lightly. The first step is to understand how much it takes to build the app. What you can expect in return. This is why you have to make sure that you do enough research about the market. The different kinds of apps available in the market, making sure you are getting the right kind of white label app Development Company.

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