Birth Certificate

A birth certificate is a documented proof of an individual’s birth. It helps in recognizing the identity of a person. This document contains every significant detail, such as date of birth, blood relationship, place of birth, nationality, and the hospital where he or she was born.

This proof is used for applying other essential documents as one grows older.

Advantages of Having a Birth Certificate

The birth proof is vital, especially when you want to apply for various other documents, such as Aadhar Card, Voter Card, PAN Card, school and college certificates, passport, etc. Having no such document can put a big question mark on your age, which makes it daunting to prove your nationality and eligibility for various government schemes.

So, the biggest advantage of this birth proof is having evidential credentials for claiming benefits of various government schemes and services. If it’s not registered within one year of birth, it becomes challenging to register it in the government records. The process of applying for the birth certificate turns lengthy. It turns out hell when you have to present additional documents in support of your application.

Here is how to get it registered later in your adulthood.

How to Get a Birth Proof After Years?

It’s true that the process is no uphill battle. Its registration is like a walkover to have it if you have all authentic documents with you. Remember that this is the case of unregistered birth. Sometimes, NRIs want to have it for their ward even though he or she was born abroad. So, you have to follow a different way or process to register it. So, here is the rundown of all steps to follow for getting this document:

  • Visit the embassy website.  
  • Download the birth certificate registration form from there.
  • Fill it and submit online.
  • Pay the requisite fee for the service.
  • Once the payment is done, a receipt will pop up. Save it for using later to track the status of your birth certificate application.
  • A citizen can simply apply through the state government website. Here, consider 21 days as a crucial duration for registering the birth.
  • Finally, enclose all necessary documents, which can have parents and address proofs. Upload their soft copies on the website.
  • You may be asked to show a police verification certificate (PCC) or an affidavit.  Getting these documents can make it a longer process.
  • Later, the registrar verifies the enclosed documents. This process may be a two weeks long process.  
  • Once it’s done, the certificate is sent to the registered address.

How to Rectify Errors in Your Birth Proof?

In most cases, the details on this proof are accurate. A few rare instances are seen wherein some issues are found. It can be concerned with inaccurate address or wrong spelling. Mostly, the cases of errors in the first and middle name of a person are seen. These errors can be fixed this way. Changing the name is another scenario. So, don’t confuse it with the change of name process.

  • Visit the Municipal Corporation or state government website.
  • Download and fill out the birth certificate corrections form.
  • Submit the form.
  • Enclose supporting proofs of your identification, ensuring that it has a photograph.
  • Upload such documents that state complete information, such as your date of birth, sex, etc. to match it with the documents.
  • Enclose such proofs that spell your name correctly.
  • The message will be sent once the correction has been made and provided in a new birth certificate.

How Much Money to Pay as Its Fee?

However, its processing fee is INR 20 if applied within 21 days of birth. But, this fee can differ in different states. For late registration, you have to pay over a hundred rupees because the penalty will be imposed per day.

Change in Name in a Birth Certificate

Changing the name completely is a different and complex procedure. For it, you require a court order to change the name of the applicant. Later on, it should be advertised in the local newspaper.

Minor changes can be made and approved by the registrar.

  • For complete change of name, you have to apply for the change of name by filling the correction form.
  • Enclose an affidavit from a local notary to notarize it.
  • Fill the correction form and submit it to the authority along with the affidavit or certified copy with judge original signature.
  • As the application process is over, publish the advertisement in the local newspaper and your state official Gazette publication.

The publishing is also daunting. For it, get it published in official Gazette. Write an application letter to the Gazette office with supporting documents such as a copy of local newspaper advertisement, affidavit, passport size photo, and your application form.

Supporting Documents to Apply for Birth Certificate or Correction

  • Aadhaar Card, Verified DoB, Passport, Nursing home/Hospital Report/Vaccination card Driving Licence, SSC from recognized board/ Doctor Report
  • Certificate from School signed by Principal on School Letter Head
  • Non-availability of Birth Certificate (if the birth is unregistered)
  • Police Clearance or Verification Certificate
  • An Affidavit stating the accurate name, place, blood relationship (parents’ details), and date of birth of the applicant

You may read the recently published article of services 2 NRI to discover its end-to-end and how-to process. Besides, the competent authority may ask for additional documents if it’s not satisfied with the presented documents. You may request a consultant or legal matter expert to come across all challenges and make it a hasty processing.


The process of getting a birth certificate is easier. But, it can be daunting if your birth remains unregistered. For fixing errors in it, you have to fill up the correction form on the municipal corporation website. Enclose all supporting documents to prove. Pay the requisite amount as its fee. And, finally publish it in a local gazette.  

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