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The challenge for any interior designer is how to design a kitchen that is cosy, but not cramped. This is especially true when the kitchen is small and there are other rooms to consider. The most essential room in a house is a cozy kitchen. It should be a comfortable and inviting place for everyone to enjoy. The key to creating a cosy kitchen is to make the space work for you, rather than against you.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to create a cosy, welcoming kitchen, you’re in luck. The best way to transform your kitchen is to add storage. With the right storage, you can create a kitchen that’s not only cosy, but also functional. Here are some of the best storage ideas that will help you create a cosy, welcoming kitchen in no time.

1. Improve the lighting:

It’s a good idea to install a good lighting system in the kitchen. This will help to brighten the room and make it feel less cluttered. You can easily improve the lighting system with just a few simple ideas. For instance, you can paint the walls white and hang up several pictures on them. This will help the kitchen to look brighter and cleaner. You can also hang up some curtains or blinds over the windows. It’s a good idea to add light bulbs to the sockets as well. You can even replace the existing ceiling lights with new ones. They will give the kitchen a much-needed update.

2. Add shelves and cabinets:

You can add shelves and cabinets to the kitchen. These are very useful because they will allow you to store food and other items. They will make the kitchen look bigger as well. You should measure the kitchen first to ensure that you know how big the space is. If it is large, you should add a few shelves. They are also very easy to install. You should use some of the wood that you already have in the house. You can also use leftover materials from the old kitchen. Make sure that you have enough space to add the shelves.

3. Choose small appliances:

In the kitchen, you should use small appliances. These should be easy on the eye. For example, you can use a small refrigerator or dishwasher. You can find several small appliances at low prices. It is also possible to buy appliances in bulk. In the long run, this can help you save a tonne of money. Choose appliances that are durable and will last. You should also think about the size. Try to stick with something that is small. Keep your refrigerator, microwave and oven close to each other. You should keep the room as neat as possible. Use every inch of your kitchen space.

4. Keep surfaces clean of clutter:

Clean your home, especially your kitchen. Sweep your house once a week and remove clutter. Put your kitchen away after you cook and eat. Make sure you use paper towels and wipe the counter. You should make sure the sink is full. Wipe your counters clean every day. A clean kitchen is an important part of keeping your home and family healthy. It’s also important to have a clean house. This is a basic rule of thumb for all of us. Cleanliness should be a priority. You should use a broom and dustpan to sweep your floors. It is important to keep your house and housework organized. Clutter has a way of accumulating in one place.

5. Add plants in Kitchen:

Plants are a great way to brighten up your kitchen. They help to add character to a room and make it look more inviting. You can also place plants near the sink and stove. This will help to prevent odors from escaping. Make sure that you are using plants that are appropriate for your location. If you have a large kitchen, you might not want to have too many plants. Also, be careful of the amount of light that you are giving to the plants.


Interior design is a big part of our lives and we are always looking for ways to make our homes look more beautiful and comfortable. But the problem with most kitchens is that they are too small to make the most of the space. With the help of a few simple techniques, interior designers can transform a small kitchen into a cosy space. The best way to create a cosy kitchen into a tiny area is to maximize the space and add storage. For example, you can use a corner cabinet for extra storage and a small island or countertop for a bar. You can also use a wall unit to hide unsightly appliances. If you live in and around Mohali and looking for Interior Designer in Mohali to create best Indian Kitchen Design then go online and find best interior designer to renovate your kitchen.


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