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Web development technologies is a broad spectrum term. It includes various tools and programming languages that help developers offer competent web development services formed as websites and web applications.

With increasing digitization, the IT industry is being introduced with new web development technologies. But some prominent technologies are widely popular and being used for years by some best web development companies. And they will be relevant to use in 2022 as well.

You can divide these technologies into two main categories: frontend and backend. Both technology types play an important role in developing a full-fledged website and application.

Here in this article, you will see a list of necessary web development technologies that you will use in your web development project in 2022.

Types of Major Web Development Technologies

1.   Frontend Technologies

Frontend technologies are the skin of websites and web applications. They handle the look and feel of your app, ensuring your prospects have a seamless user experience while browsing them.


The very first step of building a website is creating its structure, where design and other functionalities can fall. And HTML is an extremely popular language for that. Full-formed as Hypertext Markup Language, as the name suggests, it is a markup language that helps developers create a structure for web pages.


Also known as Cascading Style Sheets, CSS makes a boring HTML document appear aesthetic and appealing. It is among three essential frontend technologies, others being HTML and JavaScript. Often used with HTML, CSS offers visual layout and structure.


Often abbreviated as JS, JavaScript is a diverse programming language. It was formerly limited to client-side interactions but has now reached the server-side. JavaScript’s frontend side work is to dynamically update content, animate images, play multimedia files, and more.


Bootstrap is a famous CSS framework for building mobile-first, responsive web pages. This frontend development tool offers various components and plugins that aid in faster mobile-friendly web development.

2.   Backend Technologies

Backend technologies are the flesh and bones of the website. While frontend technologies look after appearance and user experience, backend technologies handle server interaction, store and analyse data, and ensure the website’s performance.


PHP is the first and most widely used web development scripting language. Being one of the earliest and trusted by experienced and newbie developers alike, PHP is a ruling language in the web development world. You can also hire dedicated developers online.

PHP has been here since the ’90s, but it isn’t a legacy yet. With more and more web development frameworks coming forth, aiding in seamless PHP web development services, its popularity is increasing by the day and will also remain on top in 2022.


Python is the second most popular web development programming language and giving tough competition to PHP. Being a simple and highly versatile language, Python is slowly but steadily taking PHP’s place.

Though more famous for its usage in AI, machine learning, and data science, Python is becoming the first choice for web development also. Thanks to its robust frameworks like Django and Flask.


JavaScript has come a long way from being a simple frontend language to robust server-side technology. With the help of its varied frameworks and runtime tools, JavaScript now can serve the server-side of web development.

And this makes it another highly sought-after web development language. Frameworks like Node.js, Meteor.js, Express.js, Next.js, and such are offering developers to build robust websites and web applications.


Favourite to large enterprises and organisations, Java has been a sophisticated language serving the IT industry with its robustness, scalability, and reliability. Java is one such language that goes along with all, whether it’s desktop application development, mobile app development, or web development field.

Java is particularly useful in the web development field, though. With the help of technologies like Servlet and JSP and frameworks such as Spring and Spring Boot, Java aids in offering seamless and faster web development services. And this language will keep serving the web development field in the upcoming year and decade, for sure.

Final thoughts

As more and more web development technologies are emerging every year, you may be in hesitation whether your choice of technology will be obsolete in the near future. But no matter how many come into the web development field, the technologies listed above will keep thriving in the industry, certainly for a few decades.

By Anurag Rathod

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