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Attendance Keeper: The Best Time And Attendance App To Track Your Employees

Attendance Keeper: The Best Time And Attendance App To Track Your Employees

In the world of digitalization and digitization, every business seeking easy-to-use time and attendance software wants a system that is intuitive and easy to implement. It can be easy for employees to navigate, and it should have automation features and more through its cloud-based dashboard and mobile app. In any business best employee attendance app plays a big role to maintain their time and whole schedule. The self-service software lets managers instantly schedule and also manage employee hours, view their working hours, and receive notifications via their mobile devices.

Why Attendance keeper is best for ease of use

A great time and attendance system must be easy for your whole team to implement and use, and the attendance keeper is capable of providing that. The company claims an operation time of fewer than four weeks. You can automate workflow to speed up your HR and payroll processes, once you are up and running.

Did you know? With attendance keep, you can run workforce in as little as 90 seconds.

The automatic workflows you can modify with attendance keeper not only speed up your time and attendance procedure but also help you obey labor law without even thinking about it. For instance, you can automatically impose overtime and meal break laws based on each employee`s location, which is not something all opponents offer. The instinctive dashboard and mobile application are great options for employees to utilize self-service features and take control over definite time and attendance functions. Moreover, we also like that admins can configure custom alerts and notifications in order to confirm no one misses an important time-tracking step.


  • The attendance keeper has a quick implementation process.
  • Attendance keeper has an instinctive control panel and mobile app that employees can use to access self-service featusres.
  • You can modify your time-tracking rules and logic.
  • You and your team can make workflows to automate time and attendance processes.


  • One-on-one phone maintenance costs extra.
  • WeChat sessions can be late.
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Attendance keeper is just like a comprehensive HR platform that makes managing employee time and attendance a breeze. The application has many workflow capabilities that can automate processes, like automatically syncing approved employee hours with your payroll for you to run. There is a feature that you can set rules and logic for custom time tracking. Suppose, if an employee works on a holiday, a trigger can set off an automatic overtime pay action. You don`t need to worry about missing important steps, once you set up these custom automation. With the use of this application and its time feature, you must also subscribe to its employee management platform. Even though this is not a common constraint among opponents, it can greatly simplify your HR process. Moreover, it gives you access to an excess of useful features such as employee onboarding and off-boarding automation. It also includes the attendance keeper app for iOS and Android devices, which is ideal for employee self-service capabilities.

Automation and Workflows

The capability to automate workflow and agreementprocedures can significantly simplify time and also attendance management. PTO requests can be automatically sent to the proper managers for support, overtime pay can automatically be started when an employee exceeds a certain number of hours in the workweek and approved employee hours can automatically sync to workflow. Not all companies offer attendance keeper`s level customize for setting rules and logic. If you are looking to streamline your time and attendance process, it can be a great feature. Additionally, the admin can create tasks, checklists, and workflow to automate a multiplicity of HR processes.  

Alerts and Notifications

Attendance keeper has numerous alert and notification capabilities to help you stay on top of important time and attendance functions. When an employee requests to work overtime, misses a break, you can set triggers and alerts to notify managers. Even though access to alerts is pretty standard among the system we reviewed, it is a crucial feature if automation of the time-tracking process is your top priority.


You have to create custom reports and graphs of employee data. And you can get a graphic representation of employee turnover, compensation, and application usage. You can make better business decisions when your company`s managers and key decision-makers have access to a report that is easy to understand.

The attendance keeper offers several reports and visuals

Attendance keeper is cloud-based software that offers your employees several ways to clock in while also avoiding buddy punching. Workers can clock in and out from tablet stands, mobile devices, or computers with features like photo clock-ins and geolocation limitations. We also like that attendance keeper offers QR code clock-ins, a less-common feature in the time and attendance software we reviewed. Employees can also submit time-off requests in the attendance keeper system. Their directors can review, approve, and reject their hours and time off. 

Employee Scheduling

However, the attendance keeper`s employee scheduling features are somewhat limited as compared to some competitors we reviewed. And the software does allow the creation of a company holiday schedule and time-off policies that automatically apply to all employees. This ultimate feature can streamline your scheduling process and also ensure that employees are being properly paid for the correct hours. 


Attendance keeper`s online pricing is not as transparent as some opponents make it. Its employee management platform starts few dollars monthly, but you will need to contact the company to accept a custom estimate if you would like to add on other features, including both time and attendance. However, there is a minor setback for those who want a quick look at pricing, attendance keeper offers lots of administration, app management, and device management. 

Concluding words

This is all about how attendance keeper is helpful from your business point of view to track your employees. We recommend the best employee attendance app, “Attendance keeper” for businesses that want a time and attendance system. Additionally, we don`t recommend this app for businesses that want to test out their time and attendance system with a free trial. Hopefully, the information shared through this post will be more beneficial for you. If you have any questions or queries, feel free to contact us in the comment box. Happy searching!

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