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If you are on the mission to deliver the best ever user experience, then you need to see how your app fares on the crucial performance KPIs. You have to understand the user experience from various angles, like what the user sees, system performance, edge utilization, code execution, and more. Thanks to the mobile app testing platform, you can get the right performance report that you have been waiting for. If you have no clue on how to use mobile app testing platforms, then schedule a demo, and that will work well for you.

The app testing strategy:

The most common element in any successful mobile app development is going to be the mobile app testing strategy. It will ensure that the mobile app gets to cover the customer expectations and all kinds of business objectives to their full potential. 

  • This testing is going to be a preeminent test of mobile apps. Here, the apps must pass the test before reaching the deployment section.
  • But, testing will have its bit of challenges, too, especially on the cost optimization with the needed ability to support multiple types of mobile devices. It will focus on OS like iOS, Android, Windows, and more.
  • There are times when the QA gets a bit costlier than the development phase. It is because the firms must test-certify on multiple device models, platforms, OSs, and combinations.
  • Sometimes, organizations have to test more often. Mainly because of various OS upgrades, the launch of new models, new releases for remaining competitive on mobile features, and more, and the range will be a bit steeper.

For solving such issues, the best solution over here is to automate testing. Checking out on the best automation testing tools for the mobile app will help organizations to save costs and then win at mobile app testing.


Here, you are likely to find the perfect HeadSpin solution for all kinds of business types. For smaller and medium businesses, there are separate packages available. On the other hand, there are Enterprise and other local packages available for you to address around here.

  • From here, you get the chance to automate testing for delivering the best ever digital experience.
  • You can also make manual testing a lot easier with the help of the app.
  • Then you have AI testing and Dev-Ops collaboration platform under the enterprise package from HeadSpin.


Another interesting app testing platform will be Appium. It is one of the most popular and open source-based test automation frameworks. It can further be utilized with both hybrid and native mobile apps. Appium helps in driving Android, iOS, and Windows apps using the WebDriver protocol from Selenium. It will support all kinds of programming languages, which will have Selenium client libraries like JS with node.js, Java, C#, Python, Ruby, and more.

  • It helps in supporting multiple languages and will not need any source code access.
  • It can cover cross-platform-based script development and will have extensive support over the internet.
  • It will support various iOS and Android-based apps, which will work out in your favor.


Calabash is targeted to be an open source-based testing framework, which is developed and then maintained by the Xamarin team. It will work for both iOS and Android apps. 

  • You get the chance to write and then execute the automated acceptance tests for the mobile apps by using this form of tool.
  • Calabash is noted to interact with multiple mobile apps as XCTest or Espresso. It can further be written in Ruby with the help of Cucumber.
  • This app testing tool is available in simple and plain English, much like the test Script. It can further support all actions on the screen like pinch, swipe, tapa, rotate, and more.
  • Then you have cross-platform-based development support. The same code will work for iOS and Android devices too.

There are some limitations available as well, which you better jot down before using Calabash as your mobile app testing tool. After you fail one test step, then all the subsequent steps will be skipped. It might lead to further missing product issues. In the case of the iOS sector, you might have to deal with coding right now. It isn’t that user-friendly expect Ruby.

HeadSpin is your good call:

It is always important to check out the pros and cons of every mobile testing app before you get to finalize the choice you want to make. With so many products from HeadSpin, it happens to be a noteworthy point to cover. Here, you will receive the HeadSpin Compass, HeadSpin local, and performance report as some of the extra features coming your way.

Focusing on the best mobile app testing tool will serve the best purpose and will ease the tension out of your mind for sure!

By Anurag Rathod

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