Need a laptop that will not burn up all available resources? Here are five ideal choices under $300. 

•    Best generally. Samsung Chromebook 4. Quick rates and 12.5 long periods of battery life, in addition to the twofold last model’s stockpiling, make this our #1 laptop for under $300. … 

•    Best bargain. HP Stream Pro 11. … 

•    Best Chromebook. Lenovo Chromebook Duet. 

You could undoubtedly spend well north of $1,000 on another Windows 10 laptop. Yet, on the off chance that your figuring needs comprise principally of essential efficiency errands—like altering text records and bookkeeping pages and perusing the web—you can pull off spending substantially less. 

Around $300 will get you an entirely fit Windows 10 laptop from a notable organization like Acer or HP. Contrasted and their more costly partners, these laptops ordinarily include more slow processors and less hard-drive space and memory (RAM), which means they’re not appropriate for hefty errands altering video or playing top-of-the-line games.

 These workstations likewise will, in general, be on the massive side: Sure, you’ll have the option to take them with you from one space to another in your home, yet consistently taking them to the nearby Starbucks may get old sooner or later. 

Consistently at Consumer Reports, our specialists test at any rate 100 laptops in different sizes and scope of costs, from good Chromebooks (a sort of laptop that runs Google’s Chrome OS) to expensive work area substitutions. That is many laptops, and it assists us better comprehend the compromises buyers face while thinking about another laptop. 

So while the accompanying workstations aren’t our most elevated evaluated, by and large, they totally will take care of business for somebody who’s working with a $300 spending plan. 

Best Laptops Under 300 – Buyer’s Guide 

It would help if you remembered that you need to settle on specific highlights on the off risk of buying a laptop at a lower value. The highlights can be the battery life, CPU execution, RAM, or plan. As per Business Insider, you shouldn’t accept a laptop without research. How about we see a few highlights that you should consider when purchasing the best laptops under 300. 


We as a whole realize that a processor resembles a heart inside a laptop. We don’t have a lot to say in the CPU, GPU, and RAM capacity on the off chance that we consider the value point. Nonetheless, we can assess the laptop’s presentation that a processor can improve. Intel Celeron is a decent processor, and you can decide on these on the off chance that you are coming up short on a spending plan. AMD has its advantages, yet if we think about the value, Intel works the best. 

Alongside the processor, a store is additionally fundamental as it helps in restoring the errand. We recommend regardless of whether you are coming up short on a tight spending plan, you should settle on a 4MB reserve. You can likewise investigate the semiconductor subtleties and compute the nanometer. The less the nanometer, the less force it will burn through. 

Consequently, you should consistently make an honest effort to pick a laptop with ideal execution paying little mind to its quad-center processor. Notwithstanding, you don’t have to stress as we’ve recorded the workstations with an Intel processor and a 4MB reserve framework. 


On the left possibility that you are an individual who utilizes a laptop all the more regularly and has hefty documents to store, you shouldn’t leave this element. Continuously attempt to focus on a laptop with at any rate 256 GB SSD and 4GB RAM. 

There are three sorts of capacity mechanization inside a laptop; SSD, eMMC, HDD. SSDs are viewed as the lord of capacity, and they are otherwise called production network heads. They empower a client to have a quicker perusing and composing ability. 

The SSD no longer has any moving parts. Consequently, it devours less force and has a quick access time over a hard circle. On the off chance that we contrast SSD and HDD, we notice that SSDs are more solid and advantage clients more as far as speed. 


This well may be trying to discover a laptop with great RAM. A few workstations under $300 have 4GB RAM. Be that as it may, you do not settle on the RAM. Get a laptop with at least 4GB of RAM. 

If you utilize a great deal of programming and need a quicker laptop, it is urgent to contribute somewhat more yet buy a laptop with higher RAM. It is stunningly better on the off risk that you purchase a laptop with 16 GB RAM as it helps in quicker information move and less harm. 

Screen Size 

Aside from the details, it is essential to put resources into a laptop that best meets your requirements. A great many people believe that the bigger the laptop, the better. Workstations are going from 11.6 crawls to 15.6 inches. However, everybody has their own decision. Be that as it may, the compactness highlight is seriously undermined when you purchase cumbersome and more significant than usual workstations. 

If you are an office going individual, you can purchase a 15-inch to a 17.3-inch laptop. Nonetheless, assuming you are an understudy, an 11-inch to 14-inch laptop is reasonable. The more modest the laptop, the lightweight it is. 

FAQs best laptops under 300 

1. For what point would it be an excellent plan for me to get a 2 in 1 laptop? 

laptops will, in general, be massive and weighty. However, they are best for performing various tasks, extra room, and they’re strong. Tablets, then again, are compact since they’re lightweight, friendly, touchscreen-abled. When you consolidate a laptop and a tablet, the aces stand apart considerably more, and the cons are limited. In addition, it’s cool to flip and change your gadget from one machine into another. They’re genuinely extraordinary for all ages and any utilization. 

2. What’s the best working framework? 

Our rundown incorporates Chrome OS, Windows 10, and Windows 10 S mode alternatives. The best working framework relies upon what you’re comfortable and OK with, just as the thing you’re willing to learn in case you’re not accustomed to it. 

3. What are the advantages of utilizing Chrome OS? 

The advantage of the Chrome OS is approaching the Google Play store applications, such a Microsoft Word. On the off adds that you have an Android telephone, you will incorporate well with Chrome OS. You likewise get a great deal of online stockpiling, which implies you don’t require as much space on the actual gadget. The Chrome working framework additionally naturally refreshes and has its security.

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