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Unfortunate events arise in everyone’s life in different ways and accidents are one of them. The precise medical care you require if you were hurt in a vehicle accident may vary depending on the type of injury you have encountered. Hence, physical therapy will play a significant role in the treatment plan since it can help in regaining the lost strength and flexibility.

There are gyms that feature a variety of equipment but if you are incapable of going to one, then wait. The tools mentioned below can be ideal for nurturing recuperation depending on the health. Additionally, these tools can be bought and used at home after the treatment is over.

● Incline Board

One of the first pieces of equipment that you can get is the incline boards. These are quite straightforwardly built and can be used to improve extension.

To be precise, it improves extension in the lower and upper back. When the user stretches potentially tight body parts, it helps them to reclaim a greater range of motion. Also, it releases pressure from conditions like a herniated disc.

● Pulleys

A device called a pulley is another piece of equipment that you can use for recovering from an accident. By being connected to a stretchy material at first and being fastened to a sturdy object like a door frame – this can be used.

Moving the shoulders and applying tension – abduction can help the shoulder to open up. Also, it promotes greater flexibility over time.

● Foam Rollers

Foam rollers are foam cylinders which are staples in stretching exercises like yoga and others. These are excellent for physical therapy and the foam can be positioned beneath the arm, leg or torso while the user is seated on the ground. After you wear the hip support belt and use this roller, it will aid you as you apply pressure to the muscle to break up the tension and facilitate movement.

The foam roller can be used as a balance aid in addition to the stretches without the same level of risks as something higher. On the other hand, you are suggested to use belts for hip support that can help in stabilising the spine and the hips. These belts come with side pulls that can secure them and allow the user to take a natural range of motion.

● Massage Therapy

Your health and recovery after an auto accident can greatly benefit from massage therapy. When massages are applied to the parts of the body that are painful, it helps in reducing muscle spasms, oedema, stiffness and other ailments.

Simply put your body will experience pain relief. It will enhance the flow of oxygen and nutrients besides promoting tissue healing and lessening the formation of tissue scars. Massaging on a regular basis also promotes flexibility in the body.

● Resistance Bands

Resistance bands resemble thick, resilient rubber bands. These incredibly adaptable tools can be applied in a variety of ways. To be precise the parts of the body, it can be used for includes the legs, arms and shoulders.

You will be able to control the pressure as you exercise. Also because you would be the one providing the resistance, it will inevitably increase as you get stronger.

● Light Weights

Weightlifting is the most popular type of strength exercise for regular fitness. While other uses may call for heavy weights and a focus on how much they can lift, it is important that you take serious consideration of your condition.

As you are at the stage of healing, it is recommended to make use of low weights as healing from injury necessitates so. Make sure to use back supports for this purpose as it would ensure comfortable compression of the spine while lifting.

Other than that, the back support stabilizes the spine, pelvis and hips. It is best to start small like lifting weights of one pound and build up as the strength increases.

● Stationary Bikes

Stationary bikes are a perfect substitute for regular bicycles that offer more control. These can be used as other equipment while recovering from an accident. When you opt for stationary bikes, you do not push yourself more than is required.

You can adjust the speed and resistance levels on the machine. This enables your physical therapist to suggest particular exercises. These bikes also stay away from hazards like puddles and uneven pavements that can lead to more harm.

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