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From viewing your most recent series on Netflix to scrolling your Instagram feed, many of our chosen websites and apps use Python in their technology stack. But ensure you also get the incomparable Python Hosting.

Python provides simple features; therefore, it is one of the most prevalent choices for web development. The most noticeable reason is that Python is free, open-source, and broadly available. More considerably, it is extremely flexible. Python in web development offers developers a chance to build sites according to diverse programming paradigms. For example, it is appropriate for object-oriented programming and functional programming.

It also upsurges the dynamic typing capacities. Consequently, it means that Python scripts do not need any assembling before their implementation. As a substitute, it is implemented at the runtime. Consequently, it is appropriate for web development since it uses insignificant coding and makes debugging suitable. 

Python in web development is professed number two on the list of supreme programming languages. It is certainly number one for a worthy reason. This is the purpose why JavaScript and Python are used together. For instance, web developers might use JavaScript to form a presentation layer and Python to use Python for the backend by crafting a server-side layer. 

Nevertheless, backend coding uses Python, which is a web structure effortlessly available on PyPI. Two of them are Django and Flask. It is predominantly very famous, and you cannot eliminate it from the backend coding. Such libraries are widely accepted as secure, scalable, and you can use Python in web development as the upfront syntax for easy use.

Do You Need Best Python Hosting?

If you opt for Python in web development, you certainly need a Python web hosting provider. Navicosoft is among the trusted online web host providing the most economical approach to defend your identity. We help you explore the most appropriate solutions for your industry; whether you have a startup or you are a businessperson with a small venture, you would still require offshore Python web hosting to continue your expedition with complete privacy.

You can get Django hosting or best Python Hosting using a pre-installed structure of Django Python. In addition, we employ fully optimized hosting for superlative performance. Moreover, we provide you with a huge range of apps appropriate for all Django python developers, which also comprises module installation and performance regulation. 

Examples of Python in web development

Is Python extremely popular? The answer is an indisputably yes! From viewing your most recent series on Netflix to scrolling your Instagram feed, many of our chosen websites and apps use Python in their technology stack. Let us look at some of the successful examples of Python in web development to prove how active and adaptive Python language is.


The virtual pinboard and bookmarking site Pinterest have become immeasurably popular for more than a decade. It allows all the users to generate a picture collection for every single thing. Pinterest was also principally built with Python because it is the greatest language that developers know. Moreover, it has an extra pragmatic approach as the former Pinterest Chief Technology Officer said that Pinterest uses numerous programming languages, subjecting to its usage. Nonetheless, Python is still an essential part of their technology stack.


Netflix is a company extensively famous for keeping up with the speed of digital change. It has digitally delivered a common streaming service. From the web development perspective, Python is important for their success. Developers who make use of Netflix state that Python offers a throughout “full content lifecycle.” Consequently, Python sites form the base for Netflix applications by establishing security tools and approval engines.


Amazon can provide anything, delivering it at your doorsteps with just one click of a button. But you definitely have to know that Amazon uses Python too. Predominantly, Amazon engineers produce Python machine learning algorithms that they effectively use to relate with its Hadoop data storage system. These analytics stack Amazon’s famed validation engine to reassure it to purchase the most recent products.


It is one of the most prominent social networking sites. It keeps you associated with your friends. Since it uses innumerable languages for the products and services, Python accounts for above 21 percent of the codebase. It is mostly indispensable in the area of production engineering.


You no longer have to buy CDs for your computer DVD drive. All cheers to Spotify that has made all of it easier, and you can listen to music every time you want to. Spotify uses Python explicitly for web backend, which comprises several interconnected services, and 80% of them are coded using Python.


It is the finest forum for news to social commentary. Its server-side is coded using Python. When you send a request by using the browser to Reddit, the web server uses Python to translate your request.

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Explore all the best Python hosting available in the market and get the best and most secure one for yourself. Navicosoft makes sure to provide you with a framework that is flexible enough for the developers so that they are able to handle everything without any hassle. You need to approach us since we are one of the leading Python web hosting agencies, providing services to the developers using a friendly platform for your site development in a short time. Furthermore, we ensure to provide you with the necessary hosting services. Also, we keep your presence alive using the latest technological innovations.

If you are a startup, the best approach would be to opt for Navicosoft since we have an affordable approach towards Python web Hosting. Furthermore, we make sure to provide you with hosting with outstanding features so that those hosting aspects can ultimately settle your online presence.

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