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Updating drivers of your computer has always been a daunting task especially for Windows users. There are just so many parts, components, devices and what not to attach to your system and then there are components which are in-built but still need updated drivers. If you are not from a technical background or interested in new technologies then all of this may seem quite impossible and a work of highly trained programmers to you. Though updating drivers has become quite easy with the assistance of all available driver updater utility tools. If you will look up for popular driver updater utilities then you would find the Driver Easy to be always on the list. It is one of the best drivers and popular solutions used by people all around the world. Though it has been in the market for quite some time and also in demand, it seems to still have some drawbacks of its own. Many people, due to these reasons, choose to go for alternative solutions. So today, I am going to share with you some of the alternative solutions to Driver Easy. Have a look:

Best Driver Easy Alternatives

1.   Smart Driver Care

One of the best and the most used trusted solutions for all your driver problems is Smart Driver Care. It is compatible with almost all the official versions of Windows in both 32 64 bit depth and supports multiple languages for regional convenience. It has a huge database of more than 27 hundred thousand drivers, ready to be installed at your command. It also makes a backup copy of your existing drivers so that in case you wish to rollback, you can easily do it. Intuitive user interface allows you to scan and detect all the faulty, outdated and wrongly installed drivers with a single click. Updating drivers ensure optimum performance and reduced crashes/freezing of the system.

2.   AShampoo Driver Updater

Next on the list of Driver Easy alternatives we have AShampoo Driver Updater. With over four hundred thousand drivers ready in its database to update your computer, it is also one of the most sought utility tools. This driver updater works continuously in the real time and scans your system for any outdated drivers. It also keeps looking for the latest updates online so that you don’t miss out on any. The drivers in its database supports more than 1.5 hundred thousand different types of devices. It is also compatible with almost all the versions of the Windows OS available in the market. You can also create backups and restore points if you feel like rolling back to the old drivers then you can do that too and rather quickly.

3.   Advanced Driver Updater

On the third position we have a one stop solution for the driver crisis. A single click can scan and detect all the possible issues with your system’s drivers. You can update all the drivers later on, it also provides you the option to manually update each and every driver if you wish to or you can also opt for the fast and automatic option which will install the best available drivers. Compatible with all the versions of Windows operating system, this application is suitable for all your driver needs. It also has the database of more than 27,00,000 drivers in the collection. This database is updated as soon as there is a new release in the market. It also comes with some exciting new features like you can schedule the automatic driver updation for a later period when you are not working, saving your time and resources. It also allows the user more control than normal utility apps. You can even put some of the drivers in the exclusion list to avoid getting scanned and updated again and again when you don’t want them to.

4.   Driver Genius

Driver Genius is for all those people who are looking for an affordable solution while finding the best software for overall computer maintenance. It not only has a huge database of drivers in its arsenal to solve your problems but also has a lot of other great features that you will love. These features target performance of your computer in other ways. Like you can check the temperature of your device in real time and make changes to prevent overheating it, boost the system’s speed and processing through multiple junk clean-up options and what not. This incredible application is also compatible with all the marketed versions of Windows OS. So you don’t have to worry about your computer not being supported.

So these were some of the best Driver Easy alternative apps that you can choose from. The databases of all these apps are updated from time to time to include all the new and latest drivers so even if you have a latest device at your home, it’s highly possible that you will find all the supported drivers through these programs.

Hope it helps. Thanks for reading!

By Anurag Rathod

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