gojek clone app solution

There are several benefits that a user can opt from simply downloading, installing, and using the Gojek clone. This app is the home of 80+ on-demand services that the users can book instantly or even schedule as per their convenient time. All these services on one platform save a lot of phone storage space as the user doesn’t have to install a hundred different apps. In the past, the users were compelled to install different apps for grocery & food delivery, booking beauticians or plumbers, and even consulting an astrologer. What changed? 


Industries came crashing when the pandemic hit the world enforcing people to stay locked in their homes, shut down their businesses, and wear face masks! Well, at that time, the Gojek clone KINGX 2022 came with the most astonishing services to help people get whatever they need right on their doorstep. 

Entrepreneurs around the corner were fascinated by the doorstep delivery of everything and every service they could think of! So, they approached the globally reputed white-labeling app developers and launched on-demand services apps. 



Here are a few advantages of the KINGX 2022 app that you’d find interesting: 

Benefits to entrepreneurs

Income analysis

Entrepreneurs need to know how much they are earning or what needs to be done to gain more profits! In this report, the app admin can view all their total income, and total jobs completed, and even know if they need to increase the prices or commission to gain more profits.  

Manage categories and subcategories 

The Gojek clone admin panel lets the app owner take care of the subcategories. They can add or view the service category, change their display order or status, and modify other actions as well. 

Manage the user activities 

The entrepreneur or the app owner can also manage the user activities on the app. The admin panels display information like the user’s name, email address, signup date, mobile number, wallet balance, and so on. Also, this management and analysis of the user profiles give a better idea about which services are most popular, what they purchase the most, behavioral patterns, etc. 

Earn more 

By launching the app, the entrepreneurs can earn 10x of their income or even more with the help of the two-profit-centric business models. One is commission-based and the other is subscription-based. 

Benefits to the app users 

Gojek cloneallows easy ordering 

The on-demand app lets the users easily order services that they need. The users can find services they need, place an order in a few clicks, and even place calls to the service providers if they want to. Moreover, the users can also make easy payments via their credit cards and in-app wallets. 

One-click cancellation 

The users also get the flexibility of canceling their order anytime they want before the service provider or the order is headed to your delivery address. The one-click cancellation lets the user cancel the order or reschedule the appointment with on-demand beauticians, doctors, and other professionals. 

Track the orders in real-time 

The best thing about this on-demand app solution is that it lets the user constantly track the live location of the service provider on the in-built map. This feature comes in handy for services like food delivery, grocery, parcel delivery, etc. 

Push notifications 

The on-demand app displays graphically represented push notifications telling the current status of the order. The users can know that their ‘order is being prepared’, ‘order is dispatched’, ‘order is on the way’, and so on. 


If you have already decided to develop and launch the Gojek clone KINGX 2022 app, then without wasting another minute, you should call the experts. Industry experts who have been developing and launching read-made solutions for a decade now can help you launch your app in just 1 – 2 weeks! 

Well, think about this business opportunity and establish your own startup in 2022!

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.