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In Ayurveda, ‘Taila’ forms a different category of formulations that when used as a massage therapy provides towards maintaining the body in a state of peace and balance. Due to the small particle sizes of the oil unit, they could enter the skin quickly and carry these healing properties straight to the body cells. The treatment aim towards improving youthfulness, soothing the nervous system, oiling the joints, toning the muscles, and thus allowing one to lead an active healthy life.

One of the Ayurvedic thailams, Gandha Thailam, is a famous Ayurvedic medication that has been used for thousands of years. It is the best-medicated oil when used externally and taken orally increases bone mass & bone power enhances joints and ligaments.

According to the Ayurveda clinic in Chandigarh, this oil when used to the body helps strengthen the body, avoids fatigue, lethargy, strengthening the body and mind, keeps one active and alert

  • Gandha Thailam is an outstanding restorative for fracture care and a good nutritional supplement in ligament damages.
  • Daily 2-10 drops of gandha thailam with milk benefits in fast healing from fractures. It stops further bone destruction and degeneration.
  • For easy oral treatment, Gandha thailam capsules are also prepared.
  • If your bone mineral mass is low, consumption of Gandha thailam medicines with milk and external application of oil helps in increasing your bone mass and power.

Say Goodbye To Knee Pain With Ayurveda

Knee pain can be one of the most complex health difficulties to live with. It affects a person’s mobility and his or her ability to perform daily tasks. We often associate knee pain with growth, but it can strike at any time. Even the most industrious people and runners are at risk of suffering from knee pain at some point in their lives.

Other health issues affecting the bones and joints can also be seen as severe knee pain.

Ayurveda holistically looks at all health issues. No specific problem is handled in isolation. Ayurvedic knee pain treatment here is a problem with natural remedies that alleviate pain and improve everyone’s health.

When a person is in good health and has a strong immune system, knee problems can be the result of overuse or injury. In many cases, however, it is the result of poor life choices and poor health in the long run. Obesity also affects all parts of the body and when a knee is weak it causes severe knee pain.

To assume the procedure of Ayurvedic medicine for knee pain one needs to understand the Ama. Grinding is an important part of maintaining good health. Metabolism is what combines our diet into foods that strengthen body tissues. When digestion is a problem the process does not work properly and waste products are produced.

Ayurveda calls this garbage Ama. It is highly toxic and when it enters the muscles, it is the cause of all health issues. When the videos are produced for a while they turn to Amavisha which is a very dangerous form of poison.

The Ayurveda clinic in Chandigarh also describes three Doshas that control body function. These are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha Doshas. When these Dosaas are in balance the body works healthily. When they are not balanced, they create health problems.

There are two types of problems combined. One is caused by the firmness of Vata Dosha and the other by inflammation. They can be reconnected. Vata Dosha’s problems are called Vata Vyadhi. They cause dehydration which afflicts Vyana Vata.

This is the sub-Dosha Vata Dosha that controls joint nutrition. When a member is malnourished and lacks the necessary lubricants, joint problems develop. Ayurvedic medicine for knee pain caused by Vata problems can be taken internally and used externally. Ayurvedic medicine for osteoarthritis measures Vata Dosha certified and nourishes the joints.

When the Ama in the body hurts the joints it creates inflammation. Injuries also cause swelling in the knees. Ayurvedic medicine for joint pain in India in such knee pain is used internally and externally. It is rich in herbs that detoxify and liberate Ama.

The patient is also counseled on a proper lifestyle to avoid the formation of Ama. Internal medicine, as well as Ayurvedic essential oils for joint pain, have anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-swelling, and Ama liberating properties. Treatment of knee pain in Ayurveda can be supplemented with Panchkarma treatment and a little Yoga exercise to strengthen and restore joint mobility.

Traditional Method of Manufacture

  • The preparation of Gandha thailam is very unique.
  • The major ingredient is Sesame oil. High-quality Sesame grains are tied into a cloth bundle enabled to stay in flowing water for a day.
  • It is then dipped in milk and decoction of Licorice root – (Glycyrrhiza glabra) regular and dehydrated in shade and lasted for seven days.
  • Finally mixed with a fine powder of herbs, to which milk and oil are added.
  • It is always advised to follow a diet regimen (pathya) prescribed by the physician when this sacred oil is consumed


2 capsules, twice every day with milk/ warm water/ Marma kashayam/ Dhanwantaram kashayam.


  • Quick healing of fractured bones and ligament damages
  • Heals knee joint injuries
  • Reduces the risk of bone degenerate in ageing
  • Strengthens bones, joints, and cartilage
  • Brings flexibility to joints
  • Advised in joint dislocation and post-fracture complication
  • Relieves recurrent shoulder dislocation
  • Early intake prevents osteoporosis


Like this, you can get rid of knee pain with ayurvedic treatments. One of the main reasons for using Ayurveda is the safety it gave as it doesn’t have any side effects. It just contains natural herbal remedies for the treatment of knee pain.

Аyurvedа сliniс in Chandigarh рrоvide аll this infоrmаtiоn regаrding treаtment, рreсаutiоns, and instant relief fоr joint pain. Yоu must visit their сliniс оnсe befоre stаrting the аyurvediс treаtment оf joint pain. They will also provide you information regarding this oil Gandha Thailam which is known as the best oil for pain relief in Ayurveda. You can get information like how to use the capsules and when to use them.

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