aws training in delhi

Amazon Web Services (AWS) are the most demanding cloud computing service in the present times. It is why our AP2V institution has prepared the AWS training in Delhi.

Our course will prepare the candidates for the upcoming job opportunities. It will make them skilled according to the demands of present companies. In this way, they will get a good reputation and become an expert in the AWS solution architect field.

What are AWS Solutions Architect – Professional exams and certification?

AWS Solutions Architect – Professional exam is hosted by Amazon. It tests the candidate’s ability in the following fields:

  • Cost–control strategies
  • Ability to transfer multi-tier applications on the Amazon Web Services platform
  • Using Amazon Web Services tools to create applications according to the requirements

The AWS Solutions Architect Professional certification exam contains 70 questions. These questions are in the form of multiple-choice questions (MCQs). The students need to solve all the questions in three hours. This exam can be taken either online or at the proctored center.

The examination for AWS Solutions Architect – Professional is available in four languages i.e., Korean, English, Simplified Chinese, and Korean.

Course details of AWS Solutions Architect – Professional course available at AP2V:

Our teachers have collaborated with the professionals of Amazon Web Services to prepare the solutions architect professional training in Delhi. It ensures that our students study the accurate course demanded by this certification exam. The course content is lucid and helps the students to grasp new ideas.

Here is the list of things students will learn at AWS solutions architect professional certification in Delhi:

  • The enrolled students of the AP2V institution will learn about the Amazon ElastiCache. They will also be introduced to the machine learning tools of Amazon Web Services.
  • The students will also learn about tagging and security across accounts.
  • The candidates will learn about rolling deployments, blue-green deployments, and continuous deployment tools.
  • The registered candidates of the AP2V institution will learn about cost considerations and EC2 cost optimization.

Why should you choose only an AP2V institution for AWS Solutions Architect – Professional training and certification:

The best online course for AWS solution architect associates is undoubtedly an advanced course. While most coaching centers start the course with advanced topics, AP2V institutions give a recap of the concepts that are the basics of this course.

It allows the students to brush their knowledge of Amazon Web Services and its platform. Further, our institution takes exams and tests at regular intervals. It makes the preparation of the students stronger, and they get the confidence to tackle the exam. Our teachers and mentors analyze the weak areas of the students and work on them.

Thus, the education at AP2V institution for AWS associate certification is not limited to only teaching but also to the overall development and enhancement of the candidates.


1. Is AWS Solutions Architect – Professional certification course by AP2V available online?

Yes. Our AWS Solutions Architect – Professional course is also available on an online platform.

2. Will I get a job in the IT sector after getting the certification?

Yes! The current companies are demanding skilled candidates who have adequate knowledge of cloud computing and its applications. Our course prepares according to the company’s demands. In this way, you will get a good job in an IT company.

3. What type of facilities are provided online?

We provide a variety of video lectures, test series, study material, and doubt clearing sessions. It allows the students to learn the skills of this course in the vicinity of their home or any other place.

4. What is the general duration of the course?

Candidates can gain certification with 1.5 months of enrolment.

5. What can we learn from AWS solutions architect professional certification training in Delhi?

The registered candidates will learn the concepts of Amazon web Services direct connect and network security. They will also understand the concepts of complex network configuration.

By Anurag Rathod

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