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Almost every fashion company needs to compete with attractive photos to get more sales and revenue in the online marketplace. To add life to their product exhibition, they need to use Mannequins or models. But if they exist in the photo, they might distract the viewer’s attraction. Therefore, companies look for Ghost Mannequin Service

This blog will cover certain Awesome Things You Can Do With Ghost Mannequin Service. So let’s look into details and learn those. 

Sketch of Ghost Mannequin Service

The phrase “Ghost Mannequin Service,” also depicted as “Neck Joint Service,” is an amazing image post-production technique applied to attire product photography to address the presenting issue. It is the process of removing the mannequin from attire items like shirts, jeans, jackets, etc., to make it more relevant and appropriate. 

A mannequin is suitable for presenting a dress in the real world since it gives a glimpse of how the person will look after wearing it. But if you use the photos with a model or mannequin online, it will preoccupy the viewers with the mannequin or model instead of dressing items. That’s why the fashion industry applies the Ghost Mannequin Service and shows off the dress’s outer and inner parts. 

Ghost Mannequin Service has redefined the online fashion industry. It is now the top priority for photo editing for the online apparel business holder since it enhances the product photo, which leads to high sales revenue. 

Awesome Things You Can Do With Ghost Mannequin Service

As a fashion item business owner, you look for an affordable way to create a catalog or make a product list in your online store with attractive photos. Cut Out Image is there to help you meet the purpose with the best Ghost Mannequin Service including other photo editing services. Now let’s discover some Awesome Things You Can Do With Ghost Mannequin Service. 

Improve the Appearance:

The first impression is the last. Photos are the only means to impress customers online, and for that, appearance is very important. With the help of Ghost Mannequin Service, you can create an everlasting impression since it will enhance the photo with every detail. 

Add Professionalism:

Online or offline, a product should be professionally presented to the viewers. Using a ghost mannequin effect from a professional service provider, you can achieve it. To contest successfully in the competitive fashion planet, you must portray professionalism at every venture phase. 

Ensure Topflight Photos:

Different online platforms like Amazon, Etsy, eBay, etc., mandate good quality photos for the online shop to maintain the platform standard and consistency. To meet such standards, you should employ the Ghost Mannequin Service to ensure the topflight images for your online shop. Such photos will attract customers to check and buy the product. As a result, your business will grow. 

Maintain Brand Credibility:

Ghost Mannequin Service highlights the suitable design and style that you can’t achieve using flat lay product photographs. To maintain brand credibility, you must retain photo consistency. Otherwise, customers won’t believe in your product. Utilizing the Ghost Mannequin Service can help you make it happen and boost business sales. 

Cut Expenditure and Time:

Ghost Mannequin Service is a great way to cut expenditure and time. You don’t have to engage in any expensive models. However, you have to buy a mannequin, camera, and other setups that you can utilize for every attire photography. Besides spending little funds, you can outsource the Ghost Mannequin Service and save your time. 

Titlist of the Competition:

Business requires to apply different strategies and movements to triumph in the crowded online market competition. One of the best strategies is to use stunning and trustworthy photos since it’s the only means to pursue customers checking the product and making the buying decision. Therefore, you can apply the Ghost Mannequin Service to stay ahead of the crowd with the best quality photos.

 Uplift Your Business Growth:

Every action contains a specific goal. The foremost dream of every business is to uplift the profit by growing the business. The fashion industry is not exceptional. Hence, to speed up the company’s growth, you should apply Ghost Mannequin Service to ensure the brand credibility with stunning photos that will lead the business to the highest peak of success. 

Different Variations Of Ghost Mannequin Service

Sometimes you might need to remove the full body of the mannequin and sometimes only a specific part. That’s why, depending on the need, the Ghost mannequin service can be different types as below: 

Neck Joint Service:

Using the clipping path technique, the photo expert removes the neck part of the mannequin. Next, fill the neck gap with another picture containing the other part of the attire. So, in this process, the photo editor merges two photos to make out one where one shot is with the mannequin and the other without a dummy, only the back part of the neck. This Ghost Mannequin Service is applied for the shirt, jacket, etc. 

Bottom Joint Service:

In this Ghost Mannequin Service, the photo editor removes the bottom part of the dummy. It is applied for some product that contains the front part shorter than the back part. Alike the previous method, the photo editor uses two photos here. After removing the dummy, the photo editor has to fix the rear portion, making it eye-soothing and trustable. 

Sleeve Joint Service: 

In this process, the photo expert trims the neck joint from the sleeve area and hooks up the missing part. Items like half sleeve shirts, T-shirts, tops, etc., require such Ghost Mannequin Service. Such product combines 3 Ghost Mannequin Services- Neck Joint Service, Bottom Joint Service, and Sleeve Joint Service. 

3D Ghost Effect Service:

It is the most complicated process where the photo expert first applies the required Ghost Mannequin Services and then applies the 3D effect. The photo expert needs multiple photos of the product from various angles to add the 3D effect. Then, they cut the mannequin from every image and marge to make it 3D effected. 

Famous brands like Gucci, Prada, etc., don’t show mannequins in their product photos since they can divert the customer’s attention from the product. You also should apply the same tricks to raise your product view, and Cut Out Image is there to offer you the best Ghost Mannequin Service at an economical budget. 

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