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You make plans every night about how to get so much work done the next day, but productivity killers lurk around you, pushing you to do less than you would like. You ‘re definitely sick of going through the loops and finding a way out. Below are five perturbing killers of profitability, and how to solve them.

1.Counterproductive meetings 

Another key element of corporate lifestyle, meetings are meant to be at least in theory the epitome of productivity. They ‘re one of the biggest efficiency killers out there, in fact. 

Depending on your role, you could spend 35 to 50 percent of your total working time on meetings anywhere. Companies spend 15 per cent of their overall time at meetings on a global scale.Yeah, the proper word here is waste. 

After being polled, company executives stated 67 per cent of all meetings were setbacks. There are several reasons for this, including checking emails doing something unrelated to the meeting or simply being out of focus.

One way to prevent is to have a no-laptop policy during meetings. Trouble is, Remote and dispersed teams won’t work. 

Second, if you are planning the conference, consider deeply who you are bringing in. One of the key reasons participants walk away is because they believe like their participation is insignificant.The Evernote team puts forward the following number of participants: 

 -4 to 6 people to resolve problems; 

 -4 to 7 people to make an informed decision; 

 -Five to fifteen people needed to set an agenda; 

 -Ten to twenty people have brainstorming sessions. 

You will never have an unproductive meeting by choosing the right people, the right number of people and guaranteeing they remain focused.

2.Overloading Email 

If you were to predict how much time you spent at work every day on emails, you would probably be quite off by a lot. The average worker spends 30 per cent of their work week handling email as per research data – that’s around 12 hours. 

When you consider that emails often lead to losing concentration on your current job, the total annual number of hours spent on emails is a whopping 1,048 work hours.How could email stop killing your productivity? It’s easier than it sounds, especially as it’s one of the essential parts of our working days. 

First off, avoid using emails as a reason for not doing something else. One of the key reasons why so much time is spent on email is simply because it’s easier and more fun than prospecting, monitoring, or cleaning up your backlog of tasks.The second thing to talk about, is the formation of a priority list. Don’t go through your emails, attempting to answer each, one by one. If there is something that needs an immediate response, answer get on with your day. At the end of each day, you should handle the less important stuff, or two or three times a week.

Eventually, respond in bulk to emails rather than always going into your inbox every other minute. The typical employee checks the email approximately 35 times per hour. If you know that having reviewed and handled your inbox, it takes 16 minutes to recover your concentration, it makes more sense to do it at once than 35 times an hour.

3. Coworkers 

In one of’s recent surveys, 43 percent of the respondents reported that chatting with their co-workers is one of the top ways to waste time at work. Communication, on the other hand, is a required part of the daily work duties and it is crucial to create a better environment at work.Being in an office means not being able to monitor who you are being with. While coworkers can boost creativity, they can be a source of endless distractions as well. If you are unable to concentrate on a shared office room, then you are not alone. 75 per cent of workers said they prefer to work alone rather than with a team.Working in a shared space is not for everyone , and sometimes getting your own room is the ideal way to eradicate distractions and remain productive. 

If you favor relocating, start early and build a plan before action is taken. Speak to your manager about working in a private office, or in a rented office remotely.


Multitask ability is a great feature in the right mindset but it will affect your productivity in the workplace. Research shows that people who divide their attention between different tasks do not pay attention, remember or perform information, as do those who perform one task at a time.Rather of concentrating on all that happens at once, split your hours and create a plan for what your day will look like, such as a 10-minute period of email time to read and respond to. Spend more time, from start to finish, to concentrate on one task.

5.Turn off  alerts / Notifications

Each time you get a warning, should you hurry to your email or team chat app? That’s no wonder you can’t get a lot of work done in the office – the update stream can get you off track whenever you’re devoted to a task.For group chat applications, when you are in intense, concentrated work, I recommend you shut down your alerts for a certain time span. Additionally, “do not interrupt mode” may be used. Emails are now eating up plenty of our time. We refresh our inboxes 6 to 20 times a day, according to study. Measure the time it takes to view the email and get back to work and you can see why this is such a massive productivity killer.You can also try to turn off your email alerts but that way you can miss important updates. I would recommend that you set aside a certain part of the day (an hour or so) to manage all incoming emails at the start or end of the workday. That way, it won’t affect your productivity and you’re always able to find all the answers in a single day.

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