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Business owners may not care, one way or the other, which platform software developers use so long as they get the job done. However, you should care. It will lead to better performance, ease of use and cost reduction. The trend is for apps to be web based and for this, one of the better platforms is Angular JS. Take a serious look at Angular JS development services for business. Their expertise could translate to business growth since an app that is full-featured and easy to use will engage users. 

Solid market share in industry

Google’s Angular JS enjoys a leading market share. About 0.7 percent of JavaScript library based sites ranking in the top 100000 use Angular JS. It leads React by a hair’s breadth but with Google’s support you can expect it to be more sophisticated in the time to come. Over 384030 websites use this platform. Breaking it down into sections: 

  • News and Media account for 3 % usage
  • Science and education for 3.45%
  • Arts and Entertainment for 4.85%
  • Computers and Electronics for 6.56%
  • Other business for 82%

Numbers are one thing. There are other convincing reasons to prefer webapps based on Angular JS, delivered by the best angular JS Development Company. 

Simplicity, Sophistication, Speed

  • This platform is simple insofar as it uses HTML for the template and data binding to eliminate a lot of work that goes into writing code. Simplicity translates to speed of development by angular JS development services for business and speed means reduced cost. 
  • Then there is sophistication in that it permits:
  • Data binding, dependency injection, unit testing, end to end testing and mock tests
  • DOM control structures, DOM event handling
  • Support for forms and validation
  • Developers do not have to bother much with registering callbacks, manipulating HTML DOM and channeling data to the UI or from it. This means they can focus on key features, refine it, be sure of the web app being bug-free and make the app more sophisticated. 
  • A key feature is better inherent security in this platform, which is vital for businesses of any kind and size. However, it also simplifies access by authorized personnel through single sign-on. 
  • Upgrades and updates are easy. You will need them in your responsive site based web apps. The MVC model makes it easy for Angular JS development services to architect object-oriented design and update modules with ease and speed. 

There is a lot more by way of technicalities in Angular JS but just take a look at real life examples.

Netflix, Upwork, Gmail, Xbox, MS Office and YouTube all work on this platform. If you are familiar with these platforms you will easily be convinced why it is the better choice. One thing you will note is that apps may take some time to load but once they do, operations are fast. 

Joy to use

Features and functionalities can be achieved one way or the other but where this platform shines is in making the UI a joy to use. Google’s Material design carries over and brings in a bundle of navigation, button, indication and form control options. How this translates to business benefits?

  • Customers will find it easy and a joy to use apps developed by Angular JS development services for business. The more your app is used the higher level of loyalty you can expect and this translates to more business for you. 
  • Flexibility and design options do not interfere with app functions and features. This means your Angular JS Development Company can translate your design and function ideas into practical web applications and do it with ease using the Declarative UI feature.
  • Apps are compact in size and impose fewer burdens on infrastructure. 

What type of mobile web apps are possible?

Angular JS development services are capable of developing compact single page apps as well as enterprise grade web apps that scale effortlessly. 

  • If you are considering a single page app, insist that your developer should use Angular JS. As stated above such apps will be a joy to use. 
  • If you are looking at progressive web applications that will likely be used on mobile platforms then this should be your platform of choice. Built on Angular JS, progressive web apps will also work offline – a plus point when you want to engage mobile users. 
  • Are you thinking of ecommerce or a content management system or both? Pick this platform and you get both done with smooth integration. Waklmart is a top example of ecommerce based on this versatile tool.
  • Reservations, bookings, online payment and information apps work fine on Angular JS. JetBlue is a prime example.

Talk with Angular JS Development Company if you have a mobile site or app or app based site to be built and deployed. You will find out why they recommend Angular JS and assure superior performance. 

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.