Technology being the necessity of life these days demands to be properly secured and away from the ones you are not sure about. With all the headlines on the market and highlights in the commercials of these smartphones, you will not comprehend that the Android you are using is full of highly effective security options. People do not know about such options and even do not consider it important to activate these options. However, you should be very keen about these things so that you can save your device and keep it protected without worrying. You will not have to waste your money on alternative options and pointless subscriptions but just know properly about your Android Settings. Explained below are a number of settings that will strengthen your security and you won’t have to worry again and again about your personal data in the smartphone.

App permissions:

This is an important thing to take care of, but the users of Android smartphones lose it all because of their personal negligence. They do not correctly take care of their gadgets or open too many home windows which can permit third party apps to enter the information. This can become problematic and any malware can affect your Android phone. This is the primary thing to tackle and you should know that you must take care of it. What you must do is, you have to go into the Privacy part of your system settings and discover the “Permission manager” line. You will come across various options and on a list of things that your mobile phone will ask for your permission. When you build up on a particular permission, you will see how the app will regulate its entry and take your permission before using it.

Safe Browsing

Most of the people use Chrome as default Android browser. Although it is safe but sometimes you attempt to open a shady website or obtain anything harmful and it can damage your gadget altogether. Although Chrome has a safe browsing mode that is enabled by default, a more recent update has been introduced which is known as enhanced safe browsing. This feature allows you to be safer than you already are while using this browser. The phone repair will warn you if the website you are trying to open is shady or there is any malware present that can affect your gadget if you activate this safe browsing mode. It is very important in this time to take care of all these things while browsing.

Lock display limitations

Android phones have this feature of showing or revealing notifications on lock displays by default. This displays the content of emails or any messages you receive even if the phone is locked. If you do not like this and try to keep your messages away from people you always have the option to hide the content that is displayed on your lock screen.

Smart Lock

Androids also have this smart log characteristic that is specially designed to make the security much less annoying. This feature allows you to keep your cell phone unlocked when you are in a trusted place like your home, your workplace or restaurant where you are eating peacefully and would not want to open the phone again and again.

Two-factor Authentication

Two factor authentication is basically a Google account characteristic and it was never particular to Android. However, with the passage of time it has been introduced in the mobile phone so that any delicate kind of data can be protected with the help of it. If you have your Google account connected with the apps, you have to go to the cell phones system settings and go into managing your Google account. There you will find a security tab and two step verification option where you can set things up for your smartphone. The users who require enhanced securities usually use this authentication feature.

These are the Android settings that will strengthen the security of your smartphone. One should always keep the Android secure and away from the malicious malwares that can affect its performance in any way.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.