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America’s Fastest-Growing Cities

America’s Fastest-Growing Cities

Some Interesting Facts for You

The United States of America is rapidly and constantly growing and increasing no matter which city you live in or visit. In certain areas, there is a change in new tech hubs and economic growth and hence the growth of the population is impacted. Metropolitan areas may experience an increase because of that but some areas lack this advantage and as a result decrease in population can be seen.  

The smallest increase in some states can also contribute to fastening the growth of the cities in the U.S. this can be happened because of gentrification, urbanisation, and other factors. And if some states experience the opposite to it they face an opposite result as a decrease in population.

Back then growth was meant to be the factors that include farms, trade cities, or railroads, etc. but the factors of the growth are now changed which includes good job opportunity, tech hubs, every necessity nearby, etc. people can live confined places very easily at every corner because of the skyscrapers presented in large cities and no land is required for families and this is how cities are being developed and working for developing more.

Since 2010, the U.S recorded 6.57% growth and some states were less than of the population while some states experience 20% growth but that wasn’t same all the time they can fluctuate as the relocation of the job took place because people are more concerned about the good housing prices, the good economy as well as good job opportunities.

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What Counts America in for its Developments?

In early 2019, the growth was 1.04% approx. while some states lose more population and some states 4% growth. Idaho was the fastest state of the U.S with 4.10%, and about 1,826,000 with approximately 110,000 new residents shifted and hence the population was naturally growing and new migration also became a visible cause of growth. The second most fast-growing states were Utah in the U.S with the 3.83% increment of growth in the same year 2019 with 3,282,000.  The uninhabited and vast expanses of land were the first and foremost cause of the growth of this state. However, it covers most of the land and it is also the state which is sparsely occupied.

Metro Areas

Economic development influence the population to move into metropolitan areas as these areas are developed by young professionals because of the good job opportunities. The most growing metro area is Austin with an overwhelming population and influx of residents. The growth of Austin in 2010 was recorded at 26.34% and the construction of new buildings and skyscrapers in downtown Austin, became the third most grew metro area in March 2019 and the number of new residents was also increased rapidly.

The second most fast metro area was Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford, FL, with a 20.55% growth in population in 2010. In the last few years, Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford, FL experienced a low rate of unemployment. But now, the overall unemployment rate was 2.8% which is the average rate of unemployment in the U.S. after a year Orlando visibly improve the employment rates and as a result, it becomes a fast-growing metro area in the U.S.

Following are the metro areas of the U.S. with fast-growing

  • Charleston-North Charleston (18.51%)
  • Raleigh (20.53%)
  • Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale (15.86%)
  • Houston (18.19%)
  • Charlotte-Concord-Gastonia (15.89%)
  • San Antonia (17.53%)
  • North Port-Sarasota (16.99%)
  • Dallas-Fort (17.33%)

The growth of the cities from 2010 to 2020

  • Surprise 104,000 to 138.000 by 28.1%
  • Frisco 103,00 to 188,000 by 60.6%
  • Round rock 93,000 to 129,000 by 29.1%
  • Sugar land 76,000 to 119,000 by 55.3%
  • League city 77,000 to 106,000 by 31.4%
  • McKinney 119,000 to 192,000 by 46,2%
  • New Orleans 295,000 to 391,000 by 32.0%
  • Kent 89,000 to 130,000 by 43.2%
  • Irvine 199,000 to 283,000 by 33.3%
  • Pearland 83,000 to 130,000 by 42.4%

The City of Taxes

The Taxes is growing as the tech hubs and entertainment is increasing and young professionals are also attracted with the families because of the growing opportunities. In the last ten years, Texas got the place in the top ten fast-growing cities in the U.S. the other cities of Texas also manage to position in the top ten.

  • The city of Frisco: 60.6% of growth rate was recorded in 2010 and now it has increased up to 188,000 and listed in the top and top second in the list of fast-growing cities in the U.S. In 2019, growth was increased approx. 6.1% and 6.88% in the employment rate. Dallas is the sports hubs that attract residents and a variety of small houses for families with gated communities.
  • McKinney: The second most fast city had 46.2% population in 2010 and after ten years it grows up to 5.4% which is 192,000.  And young professional also shifted with 5.48%.

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