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AWS is the short form of Amazon web services. In 2002 AWS initiate the cloud computing service. It is implemented by a large number of server machines all over the world. It has a design with is able to provide an extraordinarily dependable and classy application—it training institute in Pune with a guaranteed placement record. The developers of AWS have no worry about its capacity, security, price, and storage issue. The salary of AWS developers is round about 3.4 hundred thousand.

Main services of AWS

  1. Computer-based service.
  2. Messaging
  3. Relocation
  4. Content and network release
  5. Database
  6. Capacity service
  7. Management apparatus


AWS certification is considered an important part to enhance the skill of blueprint or design and manage the applications on AWS’s platform.

Here we discuss different types of certification whom we considered as different levels


This level of certification is made for beginners. It is built to test their knowledge and value of the cloud. With the six months of experience, a user can work any role with the cloud of AWS.

Associate level certification:

It has different types like AWS certified solution architect, SysOps Administrator, certified developer.

These types are used to design protected and forceful application. It will help in organizing, running, and operating systems. In these types, one and more than one year of experience is required.

Professional level Certifications.

This level certification includes AWS certified solution Architect, AWS Certified DevOps Engineer. In this type, at least two years of experience must be required.


AWS Certification advanced networking, AWS Certified Security, AWS certified Machine Learning, AWS Certified Data Analytics, AWS certified Database are included in specialty certification. You need to have a minimum of 2 to 5 years of experience.

The benefit of AWS certifications:

• A large number of organizations are moving to cloud platforms. AWS certification is beneficial for providing the upcoming jobs, which is essential in Information Industries.

• AWS certifications gave us professional experiences and enabled us to learned AWS technology.

• A digital badge gave to the users as a reward. These badges also shared with others on different platforms.

• These certifications help to enhance the salary of developers.

• By AWS professional certification, you have to approach different social systems.

• You can also work as an expert and be a part of the examination development process. You can manage workshops and training programs to generate a significant amount.

Career opportunities for AWS certified professionals:

• AWS Operational Support Engineer

These are answerable to resolve any software or operational issue. It is also beneficial for the up-gradation of the environment.

• AWS Cloud Software Engineer

They implement and built cloud services on AWS. They may also need to give details of these multifaceted services to businesses

• AWS System Integrator

The teamwork is in charge that manages multifarious troubleshooting and deployment issues.

• AWS Cloud Developer

They build up cloud-based web applications protocol and software services on the AWS platform.

• AWS DevOps Engineer

AWS DevOps Engineer creates cloud resolution that pastes their positive impact on the organization. They also keep servers and keep track of error detection and execute any part.

• AWS Solution architect

They are responsible for building, architect, and keep up cost-effective, measurable cloud environments.

• AWS SysOps Administrator

They provide operation, installation, and infrastructure of software and maintenance.

• AWS Senior Cloud Architect: They straightforwardly connect with clients and specialists. The furnishing with engineering arrangements thinking about the new advances in the market. The average yearly compensation of $165K. So observing every one of these advantages, one must enlist for AWS confirmed instructional classes. This will improve the validity of the engineer.

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