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If you’re new to the My5 TV guide, this guide is for you. It’ll show you how to use all of the features of the guide so that you can find your favorite shows and movies faster. Plus, we’ve also included some tips on how to get the most out of your My5 experience. Let’s get started! Also read: My5 TV Activate guide!

How to use the My5 TV

Watching TV just got easier. With My5, you can browse channels and shows, set reminders, or even watch programs that are currently on TV. Here’s how:

Choose your favorite channels by clicking on the channel icon next to any channel name in the guide. If you’re registered, you’ll have all of your favorite channels saved to My5.

You can access all of your favorite shows, movies, and box sets from the “My5” menu at the bottom of the guide.

To keep track of a program, add it as a reminder by clicking on the clock next to its name in the guide. You can also set a reminder by clicking on the bell symbol.

If you’re watching a program and want to see what’s on next, go to “Now and Next”. You’ll find the current show and the programs that are coming up next in one easy-to-find place.

Did My5 launch to a different guide?

If you’re using a newer model of the TV, your My5 experience may look a little different. For example, if you have a Sony TV running Android TV software, the guide will be integrated with Search and Launcher so you can access your favorite apps including Netflix and YouTube directly from the My5 menu. If you’ve set up YouTube as a favorite channel, it’ll appear as a custom tile in the main menu of the guide.

Otherwise, you can use My5 if your TV has an app launcher or home screen similar to Android TV. Here’s how:

For most TVs, press Menu on your remote and then look for a cross-head icon with options such as “TV”, “Apps” and “Setup”. If you don’t see this icon, use your remote control to navigate to the home screen.

Select “TV” to access live TV and highlights from your favorite channels.

Select “Apps” to open a menu with all of the installed apps on your TV, including My5.

Once you’ve opened the My5 app, select “Now and Next” to see what’s on TV now and what’s coming up next, or choose “On Now” to see all shows currently on TV.

Select “My5” from the main menu to see your favorite channels and programs. You can also access any reminders you’ve set, from this menu.

My5 TV guide features

As well as its jaw-dropping content library, My5 offers a range of other great features to help you get the most out of your streaming experience. Here are just three of the best:

Remote scheduling – You can schedule recordings using your mobile device or laptop when you’re away from home using the My5 website or mobile apps. Just make sure your device is connected to the same internet connection as your TV.

My5 on Android TV – You can use My5 if you have a Sony TV running Android TV software by selecting “TV” > “Apps” > “My5”.

Timeshift on Android TVs – If you have a Sony TV running Android TV software, you can use the Timeshift feature to pause and rewind live TV. Just press down on your remote control during playback to see available options.

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