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Are you searching for choosing the best engagement ring for your wedding? Of course, that is a clear yes. Everyone would love to choose the best jewelry made of the best metal they love. It should be something that your partner will love. Platinum has been a great allure for the longest time. It doesn’t matter whether you go for a platinum or a white gold diamond for your engagement ring. The ultimate goal and importance lie in the decision of the couple. 

If you are looking forward to your dream diamond ring for our wedding, ensure to know more about platinum vs white gold. Make sure you make the appropriate decision that will have you satisfied on your occasion and days later.

What you need to know about white gold

Many couples have chosen to go for the white gold for a long time. It is because in most weddings it is associated with the white color. It is one of the most conventional metal for both men and women seeking to do their wedding. The white gold rings come in a thousand gorgeous styles yet less expensive. Before you go ahead to tie the know with the love of your life, ensure you know the pros and cons of selecting white gold for your wedding and engagement jewelry.


They are beautiful looking precious metal

White gold is the most famous metal used for wedding and engagement rings. It is because it is not only gorgeous but also offers a timeless look and style setting. The white color for the wedding amplifies the diamond engagement ring’s look for the couple who love neutral color matches.

It is way cheaper than platinum.

Are you looking for a beautiful but cheaper metal for your ring? Yes, less expensive than the usual platinum rings? Then, the white gold is a precious jewel for you. It costs less than the platinum one since 27 000 tons of gold are usually mined every year compared to the 80 tons of platinum. It makes platinum about 30% rarer. Besides, platinum is denser, heavier, and has pure looks that the gold alloy is mixed. Therefore, plain white gold rings and other jewelry for your wedding are usually less expensive than platinum ones. Many people will consider going for white gold because it is still beautiful and appealing for the wedding occasion.

There is a broader range of ring selection in white gold available.

And since white gold is cheaper than platinum, it is one of the most popular metal choices for wedding bands. The pricing makes it slightly wider when it comes to styles of the rings and more. That makes it have over a thousand types of styles to choose from since every designer and vendor can afford the metal. With the white gold, the sky is always the limit.


It is less durable

White gold is a soft metal, which makes it less durable compared to platinum. Every scratch on white gold always leads to a little silver falling off the gold, making it lose its meaning. It is because all the scratches with time become visible.

Over time your ring will turn yellow.

The white gold is not naturally white. It has made by combining gold with other alloys to come up with the white gold you love. Any gold medal is naturally yellow. Over time, your white gold ring or wedding band will faint to yellow color. A beautiful white gold ring may begin to change into yellow after a year of usage. You need to think about this as a buyer, especially if color changing would bother you.

It needs Rhodium-plated

If you want to maintain your wedding band’s white color, you will need rhodium plated once it begins to fade yellow. Plating with rhodium needs to be done after every six months and increases with age. While some people are comfortable, it may be a hard nut to crack for others. It is always good to be keen in every aspect.

It is not hypoallergenic.

Many people get allergic to alloys used in making white gold. It entails a mixture of many natural metals like silver, nickel, zinc, and more. Some of these alloys are irritating to the skin. If you have sensitive skin, then the white gold may not be right for you. 


White gold jewelry is excellent beautiful, and gorgeous for your wedding. It is always good to understand its pros and cons to ensure the precautionary measure or what you have expected to do if they are not in your favor. Although expensive, platinum could be your best alternative. Ensure to weigh the cost and benefits of the white gold metals when choosing your wedding jewelry. Always choose what is best for you.

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