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SEO may not be entirely new to you, but every aspect has to be kicked up a notch when it comes to eCommerce sites. Since sites such as Amazon became immensely popular worldwide, millions of eCommerce sites showed up on the global market, and their popularity has skyrocketed. 

So, how can you be different? What is the way to stand out from so many competitors?

One way to do it is to use advanced SEO tactics, which are not only beneficial but consider the level of competition they have become necessary. Therefore, here we will see four advanced SEO tips that will help you climb the mountain. Let’s start. 

Site SEO Audit

We mention this first because making a site SEO audit is one of the most beneficial advanced eCommerce SEO tactics you can use today. 


Because even though you can find a lot of tips on general SEO, trying to be unique and exciting to audiences requires much more. With an SEO audit, you can review your current analytics and see which pages are attracting traffic and converting buyers and which ones are not beneficial at all. 

Furthermore, you’ll have the chance to see what keywords you rank the best for and discover the technical problems such as broken links and duplicate content, which is entirely damaging to your site. Also, this will help you identify all the internal linking chances you already missed and be sure that this is more than essential today. 

For instance, you will find content that must be updated or deleted entirely. And when it comes to topics, after an SEO audit, you will have a better understanding of what type of topics, but also content formats, and keywords are most effective in order to gain visitors, which helps attract people that will convert. Once you have all this info, you can remake your strategy to achieve a lot better results. 

Analyze Your Backlinking

Yet another crucial aspect of being successful as an eCommerce site is your backlinking. Of course, setting up work goals is extremely important in order to become better and better, but this may be done in vain if you don’t make the best out of your site. And without high-quality backlinks, success won’t knock on your door. 

Therefore, to improve your backlink strategy, first, you have to analyze the links you have earned already, what sites are linking towards you, what pages they link to, and what anchor texts they use. Also, what is the actual value of those links for you when it comes to relevance, authority, and how does this affect your traffic. 

Furthermore, you have to do the same for your biggest competitors, so try to find out as much as you can about their backlinking. See which sites link to other ones in the eCommerce industry, which will help develop a robust and effective link building. 

Of course, this is not a simple task, but by hiring the right SEO agency, you will find out a lot about your backlinks and the ones from your biggest competitors, which will be more than valuable for your eCommerce site. 

Create Specific Content About Specific Products

One more reason why an SEO and content marketing agency can help you greatly is that they know how to create product-focused content. This aspect will give you more chances to target keywords connected to a specific product you sell, which will drive the type of traffic most likely to convert. 

And even though generally content marketing is about creating content more focused on helping, in the eCommerce world, this has to be connected with selling in a high-quality way. For instance, if you are selling boxing equipment, it’s vital to create posts or even videos that show various exercises one can do with that equipment. 

In addition, the advantage of having an eCommerce brand is that you can create tutorials that show various ways to use some product, and by having content created by fantastic authors, your posts will engage with the audience in a much more efficient way. 

Allow Reviews to Be Done  

Last but not least, reviews are beneficial for your site on so many levels. They are the social argument that can help you increase purchases of your products, and they also show that your eCommerce brand is legitimate. But most importantly, reviews can help SEO. 

The reason being is because they add a lot more words to your site and many times also include proper keywords that help Google realize how relevant your site is for audiences. Furthermore, having various fantastic reviews shows the level of commitment you give towards providing top-rated products for customers. 

So, please don’t waste any more time and make the best out of these SEO tips by hiring an SEO agency that can provide you with implementing these tactics in the best way possible. The eCommerce world is highly competitive, and not using advanced SEO techniques can be devastating to your business. 

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.