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Hair loss and thinning are heartbreaking incidents that could make you really harassed. However, in this modern era of technology, you can consider some good hair restoration techniques. Among those techniques, PRP ACell is one that is considered popular and recommended. It is a non-invasive treatment that is a combo of platelet-rich plasma and ACell matrix. The treatment is done using a series of microinjections to stimulate the growth of hairs. The properties of ACell and PRP work to strengthen the miniaturized hair follicles. Even hair surgeons have recommended this treatment due to its potential benefits for patients who lost hair due to genetics. So, you must visit your hair surgeon to deal with hair loss using this wonderful technique.

What is ACell and PRP hair loss therapy?

The blend of ACell and Platelet-rich plasma works to provide growth to the scalp that promotes faster and healthier hair growth. It has great potential to activate the weakened hair follicles to speed up the growth of hairs. The surgeon will draw your own blood and then put it inside the centrifuge. The machine will separate the plasma from your blood and then is united with ACell Matristem. This will create a mixture of potential hair growth factors that will include protein to encourage the regrowth of hairs. PRP treatment jointly with ACell hair loss will provide nutrients to the hair follicles for their steady growth. The surgeon will make multiple small injections to the scalp where needed for stimulation of hair growth. The procedure would take place inside the surgeon’s clinic.

Benefits of ACell + PRP hair loss therapy

However, the combo of this new therapy has potential benefits. But, for many individuals, it is an entirely new concept of hair loss treatment. As a potential candidate for this therapy, you might be surprised at first glance. You might think that it is a surgical procedure that is associated with PRP. But, once you undergo this procedure, you can get a full understanding of its working and benefits. The clinical research-based benefits of PRP ACell advantages are enticing to look at them.

Strengthening of hair follicles

It is the most obvious benefit of this procedure. It will give the utmost strength to your hair follicles that will regenerate the hairs. The dose of plasma with ACell matrix will give strength to the weaker areas using injections.

Great comfort

Along with the thriving hair growth, this procedure also offers great comfort during the recovery period. You will also get this treatment without any incision and scarring as it is non-invasive. The numbing agents will be used before injecting the dose into your scalp. So, you can comfortably get this treatment for potent hair growth.

Stimulate hair growth

Hair growth stimulation is an important factor in regrowing hairs. ACell hair loss will work great in the combination of PRP to stimulate hair growth. It will supply an adequate amount of blood to the hair follicles. This will resume the growth of hairs naturally to provide expected outcomes.

Strengthening weaker hairs

As mentioned earlier, that Platelet-Rich Plasma and ACell growth factors are vital for hair growth enhancement. So, along with the growth of new hairs, you will also experience the strengthening of weak hairs on your scalp. It will prevent further loss of hair, and you can get your hairstyle back.

Who is the good candidate for ACell + PRP?

The PRP ACell injection therapy is generally good for both men and women suffering from genetic loss of hair. So, if you are one of those suffering from non-hereditary types of hair loss, you can consider this treatment. You can even go for it if you are already following a non-surgical hair loss treatment such as Minoxidil. If you have experienced a hair transplant surgery, then getting this treatment can also benefit you. You can stimulate the growth of non-transplanted hairs as well to get a fuller head of hairs. The procedure is also great for women suffering from hair thinning. The hair surgeon will evaluate your hair’s condition and suggest this treatment that will work miraculously.

How is it performed?

The drawn blood is separated from the plasma and then mixed with powdered ACell. Then it is injected into the scalp using a tiny needle and syringe. It is a non-invasive treatment and is easily tolerable. It is also safe as you are not prone to any risk of getting an infection from your own blood.

Is there any average recovery period and side effects?

This procedure is minimal to no invasive. Thus the recovery period is short. You can get fully recovered within 48 hours. However, you may experience mild redness and itching on the head. It is advised not to do physical workouts during recovery. It has minimal side effects like tight sensation, headache, and bearable pain on the head.

To Wind Up

Getting ACell hair loss treatment is really beneficial. You can get it done with PRP injection therapy to gain subtle growth of hairs. It is advised to get this treatment done by a professional hair surgeon only.  

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