Miami to a small town

The city of Miami has a lot of opportunities to offer. However, if you’re thinking about moving from Miami to a small town, you’re probably focused more on the disadvantages of living here. However, there’s a risk that you’ve only heard about the benefits of living in the suburbs, and you don’t have the whole picture of the small-town life.

Before you contact a mover that can transport your belongings from the city, you should have more information. Let’s see what some of the things no one will tell you about living in a small town are.

Public Amenities are not that Easy to Access

Living in Miami, you might be taking easy access to public amenities for granted. However, once you move from Miami to a small town that will quickly change. What this means is that a library or a cinema might not be so close by. However, this also means that a bank or a hospital might not be anywhere close to your home. There’s a chance you’ll have to get used to the wait times in rural places. If you need some kind of specialized treatment, you might have even fewer options and a long way to travel. 

Luckily, certain services are still available to you. It’s good to know that you can contact Cross Country Moving Group to help you move to your new small town. As you can see, it’s good that you can still rely on certain things if you decide to move.

No More Parking Problems after Moving from Miami to a Small Town

You know how it is not only hard but also expensive to find parking in Miami. Luckily, after moving from Miami to a small town, you won’t have to think about parking anymore. Finding parking in smaller communities is so easy, you see an open lot and you just park there, it’s a piece of cake. Besides, in some smaller places, you can just walk to local shops, there’s no need to drive. Just imagine how much time and nerves this will save.

You won’t have to worry about parking after moving from Miami to a small town. 

Enjoy the Peace and Quiet

Life in Miami isn’t as relaxing as it might seem. All the traffic and the crowds will make anyone tense after a while. However, after moving from Miami to a smaller town, you’ll start to believe that the time goes by slowly here. The peacefulness of a small town makes a regular busy day easier to handle. And when it comes to activities like yoga, meditation, or drinking coffee on the balcony…Well, these activities become even more relaxing.

And it’s not just that living in Miami is not so relaxing. Remember, there’s a relocation waiting for you, and relocations are notorious for being stressful. Even with the ways to reduce the stress of packing and moving, it can all get a bit overwhelming. So is there anything better than knowing you’ll be able to enjoy the peace and quiet of living in a lovely small town once you’re done?

Some serene activities become even more relaxing. 

It Might Be Good for your Health

There are several ways how your health can benefit from living in a smaller community.

  • Living in a community where you don’t have to use a car might motivate you to walk more and enjoy outdoors.
  • You’ll be able to buy fresh food and breathe fresh air after moving from Miami to a small town.
  • Keeping our stress levels low is one of the ways to boost our immune system.

Get Used to Traveling for Hours

People who live in small towns are used to having to travel for entertainment, shopping, or certain types of food or sweets you can’t find in your town. However, they simply make it a trip and make it work.

But, in some cases, you have to plan in advance when living in a smaller town. Businesses here close earlier and they’re closed on Sundays or on Saturdays too. So, if you have any necessities over holidays, you’ll probably have to travel. 

Most shops are closed on Sunday and on public holidays. 

Fewer Job Opportunities

If you already have a job and you work online, you don’t have to worry. However, if not, you need to understand that the job market is limited in small towns. It’s a smaller community, with fewer people. So, maybe you’ll need to work in jobs outside of your degree or experience in order to make ends meet. In time, you might be able to create your own opportunity if an opportunity doesn’t show up.

You’ll Still Need to Prioritize Your Safety

You’ll become comfortable with locals after a while, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prioritize your safety. People say that they never used to lock their doors or cars in smaller communities, suburbs, or rural areas. However, we’re living in different times, where you really should take care of your safety. Actually, smaller towns don’t necessarily have to be more secure compared to a big city like Miami, so why risk it?

People Know Each Other

It’s a small community and people know each other. Everyone’s connected one way or another. Either they’ve worked together, or they’re family. Perhaps they have a mutual friend. Because of this, they sometimes know a lot about other people, and that doesn’t necessarily have to be a good thing. So don’t talk badly about other people and you might want to keep to yourself if you value your intimacy.

Business and Personal Usually Mix

It’s hard to keep personal and business life separate when living in a small town. It’s normal to know the cashier, shop owner, your doctor, and anyone else, basically. And also, if you’re a business owner, you’ll probably know most of your clients.

New Opportunities in a Different Environment

When moving from Miami to a small town, you can still expect new opportunities. However, they might not come in the shape you’re used to. You might get a chance to enjoy a festival, join a book club, or play a sport. It’s definitely a different environment, but that doesn’t mean it can’t offer some interesting opportunities.

By Anurag Rathod

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