Greece was very well known for its historical site, amazing archaeology and beautiful islands. But in recent times, the Greek government has spent a great amount on developing their beaches to attract tourists, and they have been absolutely successful in this. Speaking of island and beaches, there’s a small island in Greece named Lefkada which is still not very popular, but the beaches over there are absolutely breathtaking! Some tourists who have visited the newly explored island also claim that the Lefkada beaches are arguably one of the most beautiful in all of the Mediterranean. 

The island is filled with astonishing sandy beaches and crystal blue waters. Here we have made a list of some of the best beaches the island has to offer.

Mylos Beach

The Mylos beach in Lefkada is relatively the most popular one. You can visit this beach with your family but you cannot stay for long because the facilities and restaurants there are still under construction. The beach stretches to about 14 km and is easily accessible. The best thing about this site is the road that brings you down to the shore! If you’re the person for adventure, this may be the perfect spot for you because the path to get there is very rocky and steep, the trek takes about 15-20 mins to reach, but trust us, it is absolutely worth it! But if you’re not up for hiking, alternatively you can avail taxi boat services too. 

Porto Katsiki Beach

The Porto Katsiki beach has been developed very recently. The authorities have made amazing facilities over there as well as restaurants. The Katsiki beach is unprecedented in its beauty and view. You will find crystal blue waters and the cliffs are white in color coupled with a pearl white sandy beach. Your eyes will light up and your soul will lift up once you witness the beauty of this amazing beach. The porto Katsiki beach is located 30 km above the Lefkada town and you reach there after descending a long series of steps. 

Egremni Beach

The Egremni beach is located very near to the Porto katsiki, and has similar kind of beauty. The pearl white beach with white cliffs and blue waters are the beautiful features of this place. Visitors usually enjoy swimming here since the water over here is very calm. Other than that, there are several beach games, too. The Engremi beach can be only accessed through a boat because due to the 2015 earthquake, the land area to reach the spot is still in recovery. 

Kathisma Beach

On Lefkada Island, Kathisma beach is one of the most developed and well-serviced among all of them. The beach is known for its amazingly irresistible beauty due to its overhanging cliffs, soft sandy beaches and pure crystal water. The path to Kathisma beach is very convenient since you can access this beach through a clean plain road. You’ll find a rich profusion of restaurants and bars on this beach and amazing swimming pools as well.

If you’re into sports, you’ll enjoy it even more because there are suitable arrangements for volleyball and paragliding on this beach. Although people swim over here at times the waves get real high, so make sure you follow the flags at lefkada beaches, refrain from going ahead if it’s red.

Afteli Beach

This is literally the best place for adventurous people since the path to get here is a very beautiful narrow twisting road. The beach is pebbled and the water is very peaceful at Afteli. The recent developments have seen amazing restaurants and facilities made at the beach.

By Anurag Rathod

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