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8 Best Beaches Near Navi Mumbai for Beach Lovers to Frolic at!

8 Best Beaches Near Navi Mumbai for Beach Lovers to Frolic at!

Beaches are among the best places to relax, unwind, and take a break from everyday monotonous life. Mumbai residents will vouch for the fact that there are scores of best beaches near Navi Mumbai that allow you to do just that. These are stunning beaches in Navi Mumbai blessed with unmatched beauty and tranquility that will rejuvenate your soul. So, if you’re planning a trip to aamchi Mumbai, do take the time out to visit some of the most spectacular beaches near Mumbai during your trip. For an idea of where to begin, check out the list of the very best beaches near Navi Mumbai below. Pick from any of the amazing options and explore away!

Top Beaches to Visit Near Navi Mumbai:

Even if you’re making a sudden trip to Mumbai on last minute flights, try to visit at least a couple of the best beaches near Navi Mumbai. Once you’re done exploring the amazing places to visit in Navi Mumbai, you can head straight for glorious beaches nearby! If you have enough time, you should visit a few gorgeous beaches near Pune as well.

1. Kegav Beach

If you’re looking for tranquility in best beaches near Navi Mumbai, Kegav Beach is the ideal choice. Blessed with gorgeous natural beauty, Kegav Beach is frequented by people from all across Mumbai and nearby cities. You will find several of them riding bicycles and sipping on delicious drinks sold by vendors at the beach. It’s a great place for couples and families alike to visit.

2. Juhu Beach

Located in a posh area, this is Mumbai’s most famous beach. Perpetually crowded owing to its popularity, Juhu Beach is a must-visit for beach-loving travelers. You will find a range of street vendors selling all kinds of delicious street food items. Pav Bhaji, Pani Puri, Bhel Puri, and Chaat items are the most popular ones among these. There are grand hotels surrounding the beach where international travelers can stay.

3. Uran Beach

This is among the most exciting and best beaches near Navi Mumbai to visit. Uran Beach Navi Mumbai Maharashtra is a hub for adventure lovers as it offers a wide range of thrilling water sports to enjoy. It’s also famous for its clear waters and numerous sand caves. If you look closely at the beach’s horizon, you can spot Salsette Island housing the famous city of Mumbai.

4. Versova Beach

This is among the best Mumbai beaches to visit when arriving in the city on business class flights. Stunningly beautiful, Versova Beach is home to the Koli community – the chief fishing community of the city. One thing to remember before planning a visit is that the beach is totally submerged during monsoon and high tides. This is why there are no permanent structures to be found here.

5. Pirwadi Beach

Less than 30 km from Navi Mumbai, Pirwadi Beach is an absolute dream to visit. Besides magnificent beauty, the beach is famous for the countless spiritual centers and agricultural farms surrounding it. For this reason, it receives a lot of footfall all through the year. Several people visit these centers and farms before heading to spend time at the beach.

6. Vasai Beach

Located in a city just outside of Mumbai, Vasai Beach is among the most scenic and best beaches near Navi Mumbai. Couples, friends, and families alike frequent the beach throughout the year to spend some quality time together. The surrounding areas of the beach are ideal for trekking. The beach is so popular that it has served as the location for several local and international video shoots.

7. Marve Beach

Among the most spectacular and best beaches near Navi Mumbai is Marve Beach, found on the suburbs of Malad. You can enjoy horseback riding and several other fun activities at the beach. Also, Marve Beach is a significant crossroad to several jetties and islands. For instance, there are ferries connecting Marve to Essel World as well as Manori Island.

8. Revdanda Beach

One of the most stunning Mumbai beaches embellishing the Alibaug coastline, Revdanda Beach is a dream to visit. Besides its mind-numbing beauty, the beach has a fascinating history associated with it. This is where the first Russian travelers to India arrived and there is a monument at the beach to commemorate the event. Also, nearby is a fort where it is believed that St. Francis Xavier gave his very first sermon in India .

With so many awesome and best beaches near Navi Mumbai, plan a visit and be here now! Take your time to explore as many of these magnificent beaches in Navi Mumbai as you can. The sights and sounds of these eclectic places will enable you to enjoy your best beach vacation yet. Quickly book cheap flights to Mumbai as soon as you can and come to explore these stunning natural places!

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