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Switzerland is the favorite country of every travel enthusiast. Taking a long break from the bustling city and packed schedule become important. Traveling to a tranquil place is the best food for your soul, and traveling is the best thing to hanker on. Switzerland is one of the best places for adventure lovers. Well, it is surely a great choice. There are various hiking trails in Switzerland. You can choose your favorite hike and start off your traveling. Explore the Swiss Alps and charming trails. Before you dive into this epic place, here are some things you need to know. Hiking is the perfect way to indulge and admire nature. Because most epic places can only be reached on foot. Strolling in Switzerland is a delight. All the routes in Switzerland are well-maintained and marked. Hiking and Camping in Switzerland are famous sport It makes your hiking easier. However, preparation is essential.

  1. Picking a Route:- The distance of the route doesn’t tell you how difficult it is or much time it will take to finish it. The difference in height and type of trail you are taking is very crucial. Always check out for the distance and height of the trail.
  • What Language should you Speak:- There are four official languages in Switzerland. But two languages Swiss-German and French are the most common of all. The deciding language will depend upon the area or region you are choosing for hiking and camping. You can anticipate hearing mostly Swiss-German in the north and the east of Switzerland. Nearby Geneva and the west, you can await to hear French. Those are the main two but in the south. There are many Italian-speaking regions, such as Lugano. The last official language is Rhaeto-Rumantsch but is spoken by a very little number within Switzerland. To solve the language problem, you can hire a local guide. They can help you bridge the language barrier. Surprisingly, you will find people in Switzerland who speak very little to no conversational English. However, you will also find a lot of people speaking English in the tourist area.
  • Best Time to Switzerland:- Switzerland is very flexible when it comes to weather and the best time to visit. Some destinations around the world have a prime time to visit them when the weather is perfect. On the other hand, Switzerland is breath-taking in the summer and winter seasons. You can dodge tourists by opting out of the prime weather windows. April, June, September, and October is the best time to visit and avoid the crowd. The huge season is July to August when the weather in Switzerland is the most glowing it is in the entire year. But you will have to face a lot of tourists, and over 50% rise in prices. Between December and March, is the low fall in most parts of the country. There will be extreme snowstorms. However, this is the most suitable season for those who want to go on ski tours.
  • Is Switzerland Safe:-Switzerland is the safest countries in the world. Switzerland has a very low crime rate. You will find reserved and friendly people there. You will find many solo travelers, even female solo travelers, who feel safe in the town. The riskiest part of Switzerland is that it is so adventurous. Many people go a little far from their comfort zone. It’s essential to remember that what is easy for locals who grew up with mountain life is not necessarily suitable for city people who are on their second hiking vacation. Play within your boundaries, especially if alone on a trail.
  • Can you Drink Tap Water:- Tap water in Switzerland is very safe. You don’t have to buy waste plastic bottles to drink clean water. In Switzerland, the tap water is 100 percent safe to drink. Most of the towns and trails have a fountain installed. You can fill your container up straight from the fountain. With numerous glaciers and alpine regions, there is no lack of fresh, clean water in Switzerland. Always carry a hydro flask and fill it from the fountain. Whenever you feel parched, you can drink water from your hydro flask.
  • Essential Gear for Hiking:- When you are out hiking, you need to pack your essential gear for safety and to avoid injuries. Hiking in Switzerland is very different from hiking in winters. So, you need to prepare yourself with the proper gear. Summer and winter season makes an enormous impact on the clothing and gear you choose. But, here we will discuss the basic hiking gears. During your hiking, you will need hiking boots or running shoes, beanies, hiking socks, and layers of clothing. Here is the essential gear you will need during hiking.
  • Hiking Poles:- Hiking poles are not required by everyone. But the Swiss are religious about them. You will get to love them too, as they take the pressure off your knees and quads on both the upward and the downhill.
  • Down Jacket:- The next essential item is a down jacket. You will need a down jacket even in the summer. Because of the altitude, there will be cold breezes. Once you get on the top, it gets much colder there. During sunset and sunrise, always have a lightweight yet warm jacket.
  • Hiking Gloves:- Hiking gloves seems like a small item, but it surely can protect your hands in the freezing weather. Hiking gloves are essential because your hands are the first things to go on when it gets cold. Choose hiking gloves that offer a decent amount of warmth to your hands.

7.  You will Always Need a Ticket:- There are plenty of companies around the world in which you can get away with smart hacks or can find ways to cheat the system. However, in Switzerland, the whole system is so efficient. However, the prices of the trains are so high that the thought of cheating the system will definitely cross your mind. You can buy tickets and quickly explore the best routes. No doubt the train system is too expensive, but don’t try to cheat the system as it is too efficient.

8. Check the Mountain Conditions before Hiking:- Many trails and mountains have a webcam at the top. They are here to check the weather. In some cases, you may be at several accommodations several thousand meters below the peak. You are hiking up so, there can be a big difference, and you may have an adequate day. If you have multiple days to plan your activity, you can enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset in Switzerland. And then, plan your hike and witness the best view.

By Anurag Rathod

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