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Online reputation management experts are specialized in handling customer reviews, negative publicity, brand activities on social media, brand campaigns, website rankings, and many more.

No matter how good they are at managing ORM factors, it is impossible for them to monitor constantly and offer around-the-clock service. To add credit points to their services and to make the process easier, they take leverage of the online tools available for monitoring brand reputation over the web.

With online web tracking tools, web reputation management has added convenience to its list of benefits. The tools are not just designed to monitor and keep an eye on the brand-related subjects, but even allow ORM experts to focus more on manual works instead of spending time on the automated process.

Here is a list of tools that are usually used by the ORM experts.

5 Different ORM tools to automate the process

1. Google Alerts:

Google comes up with multiple tools and features to leverage businesses of different sizes and types. And Google Alerts is among those facilitations. It is a pure free tool that allows marketers to monitor the brand across the web.

Google Alerts primarily works on brand mentions. Any content created around the brand when published on any site, a notification alert is sent to the marketer. You can create such alerts by adding your email ID using the Google database.

 Based on your preferences, the alerts are generated in the email. The only drawback is the tool doesn’t work for social media. If you are only interested in the news where your brand name is mentioned, you can definitely use this tool without even breaking your bank.

2. Social Mention:

Social Mention, as the name suggests, is purely designed for monitoring social media networks. You don’t need to visit different networks and monitor them manually. Just by logging into the Social Mention dashboard, you can easily get a view of all your social accounts.

Social Mention can keep an eye on more than 80 social sites including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Using this tool, you can get an insight into your brand performance, strength, sentiments, business outreach, and customer demands.

Social Mention is free. However, you can even look for its premium version to gain more benefits at a time. If you are concerned about your social media activities and want to learn more about different trends used by your competitors, don’t forget to use Social Mention!

3. Trackur:

Another social media monitoring tool that needs worth mentioning is Trackur. Often people go into the debate while deciding – which is the best tool to track social media activities. And surprisingly, Trackur manages to get huge votes just because of its range of features.

If you are looking for a complete package in monitoring social media, then probably this particular tool will seize your attention. From monitoring the entire social media and mainstream news sites to getting an insight into the trends, keyword research, market research, and influence scoring, you get multiple leverages.

Scroll into your Trackur dashboard and manage all your social accounts in one take.

4. Reputology:

For reputation management, ORM experts are much more concerned about the brand reviews and comments generated. This is when they use Reputology.

Reputology is a friendly review management tool that can be used to monitor manage business reviews online. No matter where the reviews are generated, with this tool you can keep eyes on everything. From listening to what your customers say to respond to them promptly, the tool serves as the best review managing partner for the business.

Positive reviews are easily managed. But when it comes to negative reviews, Reputology automatically converts them into customer service tickets. This is one added pro that makes the tool so demanding.  

5. Review Push:

Negative publicity often ruins the brand reputation. Hence the experts make sure the brand attains a fewer number of negative reviews or negative content. However, the number has nothing to do with your desire. It completely depends on the customer experience and your behavior towards them.

ORM experts use Review Push to push back the negative comments or reviews and highlight the best ones from the list. Instead of making them visible to potential customers, they push them at the end of the list.

Review Push works on social media and other popular review generating sites like Google, Yelp, Yellowpages, Foursquare, etc. The best thing is you don’t need to visit each site manually to fix the issue. Just you need to scroll the dashboard and you can manage all your reviews in one place.


No matter which tool you choose, don’t forget to sign up with your email ID and enjoy getting notifications about brand mentions, reviews, and other brand-related content. Even the best online reputation repair company uses these tools to make the process seamless.

Get in touch with the experts and talk about these tools, strategies, and techniques for establishing a strong brand reputation.

By Anurag Rathod

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