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For a Successful blog or a website, you need to check out the few guides and tips on blog startup is this help to create an successful blog. More than 65% of clicks on your website are from the organic search result. This fact might have driven you to start an SEO campaign for your site. However, how do you know that your SEO campaign is successful? You have to measure SEO performance constantly, and the best way to do it is to use Google Analytics.

Highly skilled, dedicated, and certified SEO professionals also rely on Google Analytics to give a comprehensive SEO report.

SEO analytics is a process of tracking and evaluating digital marketing data to increase website traffic. Google Analytics is the best tool helping you to have 7 most useful data.

Website search details

With Google Analytics, you have an opportunity to know about your website visitors’ activities. You will learn about-

  • The number of visitors
  • The most searched products and services of your site

For instance, when most of your visitors use your site’s search bar, it indicates that you must refine navigation. Moreover, you have to ensure that the search functionality works properly.

Similarly, when users search for a product frequently, you should make the product prominent on your page.

Identify underperforming webpages

Your website may not have consistency in the performance of your webpages. Some pages may not have organic visibility and lose traffic. Google Analytics will make it easy for you to detect those pages. You can also choose conversion data as one of the success metrics of your website SEO.

From the Landing Pages section of your Analytics dashboard, you can find the webpage data for a particular period of time. Thus, historical data is easily accessible to you. Moreover, you can find the pages that need an audit for better performance. Pages with low CTR are also easily identifiable.

Landing page performance

Which pages are your users landing on when they find your site?

Which webpages of your site are mostly chosen by users to land on your platform? They use different pages to access your site. Some of them enter the home page URL, while others browse through search engines. Lots of other visitors may have clicked on your Twitter post link.

You will get the report on your landing pages.  Based on this report, you will learn about the user interactions on your site.

Bounce rate

The term, bounce rate indicates the number of visitors who have left your site after viewing one page. In some cases, bounce rates do not indicate bad user experience. It may denote that they have not found the essential services and products on your site.

For instance, you have ranked your site for a long-tail keyword in your business niche. However, your website content is not relevant to the visitors’ queries. That is why they leave the site, and Google Analytics track it as the bounce rate.

You must also check the site’s page speed, as low loading speed can result in a high bounce rate. Update your site and solve the issues to ensure faster loading speed.

New visitors and returning visitors

It is good to attract new visitors to your site. But, the better scenario is when those visitors repeatedly visit your website. In most cases, the returning visitors become customers, subscribers, and readers. Moreover, returning visitors like to navigate through your webpages for a longer period. Thus, the bounce rate will get lowered.

The Google Analytics report will inform you about the percentage of visitors returning to your website.

Content efficiency

It is not easy to track the content performance without a tool, like Google Analytics. You will learn about-

  • The content that is most engaging
  • The best-performing type of content, like videos, images, GIFs, and reviews
  • The content driving up the conversion rate
  • The most sharable content

Conversion goals

Although your site is receiving traffic, you cannot find high revenues. The major reason for it is the low conversion rate. With Google Analytics, you can test the traffic quality and track conversions. You will also know the value of every conversion on your website.

These are some high-level insights that you can obtain using Google Analytics. You may hire SEO professionals to take the best step by analyzing the report.

By Anurag Rathod

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