6 Content Marketing Strategies to Promote a Brand

What marketing is to you? 

Well as kids or people working in different departments are clueless about the term marketing when someone uses to tell you that I work for a marketing firm or I work in the marketing wing, what is that one thing that pops on to your mind? So when I was a kid I used to always think that maybe marketing is about working on computers do not know what but just working on the computers or use to get a thought that maybe marketing employs endeavours into accounts. Well, that’s just not it, 

Marketing is a very huge term, it’s a massive kind of a business where you sell your commodities, promote your business & services through direct mail offers, for example, Selling a delicious pizza with an offer buy one get one free and that’s marketing or maybe Telesales calls which we receive daily or maybe selling kiosks airy stores, sending an email offers to your customers about your brand or services or maybe distributing brochures. That’s the general perception of marketing.

Marketing tells companies what should they develop, well now how does that happen? Now before starting up anything, the marketing team does extensive research on the topic that they are about to sell it out and once they develop the solution then the marketing informs the customer. How do they reach out? Well through promotions, advertising, branding etc so what happens next is that the target audience for that particular brands connects and buys the commodity or services. For an instance, there’s this Elite clothing brand called Vrone which means We Are One, it’s a streetwear clothing brand for all the elite people out there and the speciality is its pure organic with 100 per cent cotton used so the brand wants to sell their products online to their target audience now their target audience would be those influencers and elite models who look for sustainability, they sell their brand to them by doing some research and sharing some creativity and that’s how your brand’s marketing is happening. You get more sales and the cycle goes on. 

Since we are very much clear about marketing there is this other term called Content Marketing? What does it do? 

So content marketing is the technique of putting out content and visualizing the magic of how your content is working out. For an instance putting it your brands content be it any form its content writing or podcast or video content or visual content is where your target audience gets to know about your brand and that’s how you engage them with you. For example, Maggie or Ramen noodles are liked by most of the consumers so they would post up video content about the tempting noodles and people would go gaga over it and approach the brand. 

Traditional marketing is a part of marketing as well, traditional marketing is where you invest your brand advertised in a hoarding or daily newspaper where you are spending a lot but content marketing helps you reach wider.

Let’s examine this now by posting your business content on socials or creating a podcast and that’s how people get to know you, they do not have to come to your store they don’t have to call you it’s about your content which is helping out to know you quicker and in an easier way.

Well, let’s get into another part of how would content marketing helps to promote a brand? What are the strategies used? 

Let’s explore the 6 strategies used to promote a brand through content marketing – 

    1.    Determine the right content marketing type- determine the pros & cons of each kind of those different types and align that with your strengths, your interest and most importantly, with your ideal clients. And once you decide then you are good to go with the content marketing type. 

    2.    Social Media Trends- Now as you can see the world is changing and developing on a day to day basis and so are the trends so for example if your target audience is youngsters or generation Z, check out what trend they are following what content are they posting out, check out what’s happening on different social media applications like Instagram Reels, Youtube, MojApp checkout what content are they up to or what trends. And that’d how you can involve your brand and leverage your business.

    3.    Communication Format- Many options are developing in the coming time with social media. Earlier social media was the platform where people use to communicate with each other it was used to make new friends but now social media has reached a different level where brands & business have taken a huge space with it. Social Media has various options to communicate with your target audience. For an instance, there’s an option called Ask me a question? Where you can add your question or suggestions about the brand you have mentioned down, you can also add the count down that you’re going to release something special about your brand that would create excitement.

    4.    Start -Emotional Button- Play- Now you might be wondering what the title means exactly well whenever you’re trying to promote or post something about trying to hit the emotional button of the audiences. You can always use different emotions to let your audiences feel about whether be happy or nostalgic or funny. Use different emoticon and gifs to describe, this would also help your brand create more traffic. 

    5.    Create eye catchily visuals- Creating visual for your brand is the most important role to play, it’s about showing a visual message about your brand to your target audiences. A lot of times creative and interactive visuals speaks louder than words. Now since you want to stand out of the crowd you can use more infographics. 

    6.    Creating Video Content – Most of the students & the mid 20’s employees always prefer watching videos rather than reading content. Video content is a new way of promoting your brand where you can show the features, the visuals of your brand. You can create a small video advertisement by putting up some good graphics and a story explaining your brand. 

For you, then follow these steps you need to have a clear mind and concept of how would you start and what would be the final thing you would do there’s a process to it, so let’s look at the process – 

    1.    Mapping Goals 

    2.    Research on your target audience 

    3.    Brainstorming on ideas 

    4.    Creation of the Content 

    5.    Publishing your content 

    6.    Reach wider audience 

    7.    Market Research & Evaluation 

    8.    Rectifying & Improving

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By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.