Change is hard. Be it changing your clothes after work or going through a break-up. Be it waking up at a different time everyday or managing the loss of a loved one. Change is hard. There are healthy ways to manage change and unhealthy habits. Sometimes we do not even notice things change, but eventually they will rear their head, and we can but respond.

I know I love change, but only healthy change. I prefer change that happens on my own terms and my own timeline, when possible. I believe that any change helps us learn about ourselves and how we react to novel situations. I, for one, made a big change earlier this year by moving from one state to another. But through 2020 we have all had a myriad changes trusted our way. A lot of us are still trying to overcome our novel situation and the new normal we have been experiencing. Here are some ways I have tried to embrace change in a healthy way.

Trying a new look

Now, this one may sound shallow, but it is definitely not. Throughout this year, a lot of people have been quarantining and working at home. We have not had much of a reason to dress nicely or feel confident or show off our new looks. But dyeing my hair and giving myself bangs has helped me cope with the monotony of staying at home. Consider trying something you have always wanted to try but were nervous about because you were in an office. Switching up our looks helps us feel good.

Revitalize an old hobby you stopped

Especially this year we have had a lot of time on our hands. Working from home or being shut down for weeks at a time has made me and a lot of others bored. But picking up a lost hobby might help you feel less bored. Say a few years ago you were into photography, but life got in the way and you were too busy to focus on your passion. Well, now is the perfect time. Find a piece of yourself. Even if you are changing your appearance, you aren’t changing what makes you fundamentally different and unique, so show it off. Go on zoom and soothe someone with that guitar that has been collecting dust. The possibilities of reigniting an old passion create future doorways.

Surround yourself with love and compassion

Now, I know in the past year this has been more difficult than usual, but we still can in a safe setting like online web calls. When change happens in our lives, it is easy, almost natural, to shut ourselves down and try to process everything on our own. Opening up to the ones we love and care about is hard because nobody wants to hear the judgments they might have. However, opening up to share your change and surround yourself with love, compassion, and positivity makes all the difference in the world. When change occurs, whether big or small, being in a toxic environment is never good. We need to be as mentally healthy for change as we possibly can. Nothing helps us better than creating a positive environment for ourselves and our well-being.

Allow yourself emotion

Regardless of how big or how small the change is that occurred in your life, you will always have feelings about it. Those feelings are valid, and you are entitled to feel them. Let yourself feel them. The worst thing we can do is allow our feelings to become cooped up inside us and then one day explode and turn into nasty remarks we would never say otherwise. No feeling you feel from change in your life is dumb. If you dyed your hair orange and want to make it black, then go for it. If you are having a difficult time managing your kids and a work-life balance and are angry at your spouse—let them know. Open up communication. Change within ourselves, within our surroundings and situations, cannot happen without acknowledging why we feel a certain way about something. Maybe you have been with your partner for a few years and want to get engaged but feel angry because they have not proposed yet. You will not be able to understand where your partner is coming from without reflecting on and evaluating your feelings and expressing them. So, allowing yourself to feel your emotions and work through them can help you embrace change, even the hardest of all.

Even though change is hard, we all experience it. For one, you cannot live your life without change because our bodies are always changing. Developing our personalities, careers, relationships, and life goals are also part of change. Our appearance is a part of change. We look different from when we were first born and that is change. Embracing change and learning to manage it through our emotions is fundamental to adjusting to any form of change life throws our way. At Blue Sky Talk you can find inspiring, life changing stories, life transforming stories about successful entrepreneurs from various backgrounds and disciplines including female and minority-owned businesses.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.