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4 Cleaning Items To Preserve Your Pin Collection

4 Cleaning Items To Preserve Your Pin Collection

Who knew that there are conventions, meet and greets trade shows, and other social gatherings for pin collectors? Yes, a convention for pins worn on lapels, jackets, hats, collars, purses, belt holes, and just about anywhere else that it can be seen. Pins have made a comeback, and collectors are thrilled to bring more generations into this fun hobby.

Pin collectors, fondly called pinheads, collect pins. Pins can represent almost every part of our being, religion, culture, sports, animals, music, alma maters, ethnicity, pop culture, geography, everything. Therefore, finding something that you love and want to be represented in your collection isn’t difficult at all.

Whether you show off your entire collection on your denim jacket or have them displayed on your wall, pins require care and cleaning so that they don’t become unrecognizable due to tarnish. Below are four cleaning methods to preserve your beautiful pin collection.


Instead of buying anything special, using what’s already in your home is genius for keeping your pins clean. Therefore, it’s toothpaste to the rescue. Toothpaste will have your pins shiny and sparkling again with very little work.

You want to use solid-colored toothpaste without baking soda in the ingredients. Dampen half of a washcloth and put a dab of toothpaste on it. Handling your pin carefully, rub the dampened cloth on your pin. You will notice any tarnish and dirt coming off. When your pin is clean, thoroughly rinse it. Then, use the dry part of the cloth to dry your pin. It can be stored until you pull it out to show it off again.


Storing your pins in a place where the open air or humidity doesn’t cause tarnish is the first step in preserving your pins. If you decide to use a plastic container, make sure it is airtight and lay all your pins in a single layer. A single layer will allow them to breathe and avoid damage by having the backs stick together and break when separated.

Another great way to store and display pins is by using glass front pin cases which collectors use to store and display pins. Your pins will look great against the black velvet backing, and each pin will be safe from damage in its slot. Your pins will still need dusting so that air particles don’t get a chance to build up. Pin cases also make traveling with your collection easy and inventory of your pins a breeze.

Jewelry cleaning cloth

A jewelry cleaning cloth is a fabric that sometimes comes with jewelry or can be purchased online or at many stores. Jewelry cleaning clothes are sometimes double-layered and are specially crafted cloth with silver polish in them. This cloth removes tarnish and stops further tarnish build-up. They are suitable for silver, gold, platinum, brass, and copper. In addition, to tarnish, this cloth will remove fingerprints, oils, dirt, scratches, and dullness from your pin.

A great benefit of the jewelry cleaning cloth is that it is portable. You can stick a piece in your pocket, and if at a pin convention or trade show, whip out your fabric to clean up a questionable pin before making a trade or purchase. Polishing allows you to check out all the details in a pin before purchasing.

Distilled vinegar

Distilled vinegar has proven to be a great cleansing agent around the home, and the same is valid for removing tarnish from pins. For a moderate amount of tarnish, mix 1:1 vinegar to water and heavy tarnish mix 2:1. Put the mixture in a small plastic bowl or container, remove the pin, and submerge into the mix for a few minutes. Once you remove pins from the vinegar/water mixture, thoroughly dry your pin and store.

Pin collectors, or pinheads, collect pins. Pins can represent almost every part of our being and have made a significant comeback. Whether you show off your entire collection on your denim jacket daily or have them displayed on your wall, pins require care and cleaning so that they don’t become damaged by tarnish. Four cleaning methods to preserve your pins are toothpaste, storage cases, jewelry cleaning cloths, and vinegar.

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