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Settling down and finding a place to rest your head at night doesn’t mean you have to give up being adventurous. There are tons of great cities scattered across the United States, but they all offer young people easy access to fun activities. Whether you enjoy hiking on the weekends or swimming before work, check out these best cities to live in while you’re young.

1.  Bend, Oregon

Bend offers easy access to a national forest and a state park with famous climbing routes. Not to mention, if you enjoy skiing, you’ll love Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort. This city is a paradise for snowboarders, rock climbers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Bend draws in entrepreneurs, retirees, and hospitality workers with the Redmond Airport, giving anyone the ability to easily travel to other cities for work. If you want to stay local, you can become a tour guide while enjoying the scenes.

2.  Durango, CO

If you enjoy white water rafting, check out Durango, CO. The Gold Medal water of the Animas River flows through the downtown with over 300 miles of wilderness trails a few minutes away for biking, hiking, fishing, and more.

If you want an outdoor job, you’ll find it in Durango, with many recreational activities. However, it’s also home to successful tech startups and is minutes from Fort Lewis College.

3.  Greenville, SC

Greenville is located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, with over 120 independently owned restaurants. With a variety of lakes, rivers, parks, waterfalls, and mountains nearby, you can see why adventure enthusiasts hang their hats in this city.

Greenville is home to many top employers, including GE and BMW, so job opportunities are abundant.

4.  Austin, TX

Austin has a strong job market and vibrant culture, making it a great place for young professionals. With so many industries residing in this city, there’s a job opportunity for anyone. However, Austin is known for its healthcare and tech industries. Not only that but living in Austin is affordable with a low unemployment rate.

Major tech companies like Amazon, Google, and Adobe can be found in Austin, but young people are drawn here for its entertainment. With year-round recreational activities outside and incredibly scenic views and urban development, Austin is a great place to spend your free time when you’re not hustling at work.

Austin is also known for its love of sports, especially college football. Not only that, but you may know this city as the live music capital of the world, with many music acts at downtown bars.

5.  Des Moines, IA

Des Moines is a fast-growing city in the Midwest offering affordable living for young people. It also has a growing job market that attracts finance, insurance, tech, and manufacturing professionals. Des Moines offers a vibrant culture that sets it apart from other Midwestern cities. There are over 5,000 pieces of art at the Des Moines Art Center, and music festivals feature musicians and dancers, making it a great city for art lovers.

Des Moines’ low cost of living means you could potentially even buy a great house with an amazing lawn — something your furry friends would thank you for.

6.  Salt Lake City, UT

The unemployment rate in Utah has continued to fall as salaries rise, making it a great place for young people who want to make the most of their employee benefits. Young people in Salt Lake City can work in a variety of industries and make good money. Not only that, but Salt LakeCity offers affordable housing compared to other major cities, so you can save up your earnings and eventually buy a house.

If you enjoy outdoor recreational activities with panoramic views and nature, then you can live in this picturesque landscape.

7.  Sioux Falls, SD

Sioux Falls is one of the most affordable cities on our list, but you can still make great money at your job if you live here. Sioux Falls is known for its low unemployment rate and good job market with industries including finance and healthcare.

While living in Sioux Falls is a smart financial decision, you can still get the advantages of waterfalls, bakeries, and an artist-friendly culture.

8.  Seattle, WA

Seattle is one of the most expensive cities for young professionals to live in, but there are still affordable housing options and great employment opportunities for those looking for creative careers. While many people think it rains in Washington all the time, it doesn’t rain as much as you think, making it a beautiful picturesque city for young professionals who want a great view from their apartment window. Plus, you could even drive up to Canada for a fun road trip!

Seattle is home to the original Starbucks, so if you’re a coffee-lover, you can grab your brew every morning. There are also tons of shops and conservatories so you’ll never get bored.

9.  Omaha, NE

Omaha used to be urban development, but it has since transformed, bringing in new industries and businesses. Omaha’s popular industries are no longer insurance or livestock but include tech startups.

Omaha has a low cost of rent and a reasonable cost of living, making it great for young people looking to grow their careers in an affordable city.

Omaha is also a great city for those who love music, with some famous performers living in the city.

10.   Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis is another city located in the midwest that might seem expensive but is affordable. The annual median salary is above the national average. Minneapolis is a vibrant city where you can enjoy a stroll through the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden or several other parks. If you want more city-like activities, visit downtown Minneapolis where you’ll find museums and sports.

11.   Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh is famous for being an affordable but beautiful city with a great community. It has many growing industries, including healthcare. This city is also a great place for first-time homebuyers if you’re ready to start thinking about settling down.

Pittsburgh has a thriving downtown, so you’ll never get bored. You can visit the city’s museums or take part in the art scene.

Deciding Where to Live

Choosing a destination is never easy, but when it comes to choosing where you should live, consider your financial situation and the job opportunities available to you. Start looking for jobs before you move so you don’t have to dip into your savings.

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