youtube channel marketing strategies


           There is no need to intro on YouTube because it is a top-rated social media platform. The world’s largest video search engine platform behind Google.Around 2 billion active users using YouTube. Every day 1 billion views are marked on YouTube.

YouTube marketing technique is a valuable opportunity for marketers to enhance their brand or business. It helps to discover the audience’s requirements and fetch results via videos.

1.    Compelling Video Titles:

Your video content is marvelous, but you can’t get the views. You can get the views, and then you need to optimize your titles.

  • Choose the perfect keyword which is relevant to your content. Place the keywords in your title; it helps to fetch the results when the viewers search.
  • Keep the title short. The maximum length of the title is 60 characters.
  • Your title should be descriptive and clear. Don’t push your audience to view your content.

2.     Create Description:

In this section, you can add more details about your brand. It is a simple process whenever a new audience comes to look at your content. The description section helps to understand what your content is by the audience quickly.

Hence, you don’t write lengthy content. It must be short and straightforward. Better you can derive 2 -3 lines is healthy to look and grasp the audience.

3.    Create Thumbnails:

Thumbnail is the cover page of the videos. Idealize thumbnails make the gathering of people press right absent and make your channel popular. It must be critical to the video content and title.

Use screenshots and perfect images in your thumbnails to help the audience understand your video content.

         Here are the tips for creating thumbnail:

  • 1280×720 or 1920×1080
  • Include high-quality images
  • Images should be JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, or TIF

4.    Maximum video hours:

Based on the Comscore survey, most people watching YouTube videos are a maximum of 5 minutes. Less audience only watching the long videos. The audience needs a perfect reason to be interested in your video.

           Here are a few tips for making video content:

  • Create clarity video and use high-quality images
  • Create your videos to be less 5 minutes
  • Your content should be informative or entertaining and short.

5.    Creative Content:

Your video content must be unique compared to the niche. Don’t copy cats the same way from your competitors. Think to be creative and make your content. The viewers find videos for personal reasons more than blogs, and ebooks, and are considering the interesting value of video with the use of standard formats.

You have a variety of choices to choose the topics. You can create content related to how to use a product, success stories of people’s office culture videos, traveling, and demo videos.

6. Partnerships

Collaborate with your videos with the famous YouTuber. It is the one way to enhance your business. These famous YouTubers have substantial fan followings around their channels, and they are getting billions of views and huge comments.

You were increasing YouTube likes, comments, and subscribers more important to fame your channel. YouTube likes to appear to be strong social proof to enhance your market and get more popularity.

7.    Share Your Link on Other social media:

Apart from YouTube, a lot of social media are available, and the number of audiences using more social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Include your video link into your social media. It is one of the perfect ways to drive traffic to your website.

8.    Audience Research

Your YouTube account allows for business and gives you access to the Analytics tab, which includes many statistics related to your channel. Get the assessable insights on your channel and your viewer’s response, adding your view counts, watch time for your videos, revenues generated, and interaction rate across videos.

Before choosing the content type, then check all the above metrics, after you can create them.

9.    Call-to- action:

CTA is the clickable link and most popular technique to lead to a traffic of your website. But there is no option to insert the button on your YouTube since you want to create calls-to-action for your audience.

If it’s an introductory video, ask your audience to like and subscribe to your channel. Otherwise, it is a demo video, and you can check out your website for more information.

10. Add Voice Search

Improve YouTube SEO by optimizing the videos for YouTube voice search. Audiences use the YouTube voice search to determine their video without using their fingers to type out the video titles. Since voice search is a more comfortable, hassle-free way to fetch YouTube video results, you need to make sure your videos display before your audience.

11. Consistency

Many YouTubers don’t follow the consistency. Consistency doesn’t end with how many videos you post and have to be consistent with their quality. Without consistency, you have well-produced, thoughtful videos, and written content, you are going to see a flop in your following.

Consistency is also most essential to improve your channel success.


YouTube marketing’s ultimate strategy is to create the quality of content and make entertaining videos for your audience, impress their intention with thumbnails, attach with your audience, and keep on your promises to the audience.

About the Author:

Victoria Daniel is a social media expert and writer who is working in PixelGroovy. She is a regular contributor to well established IOT blogs and she has been into Internet Marketing for two years.

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