Yoga Help Constipation Problems

The primary reason behind gas, constipation and other stomach problems is due to our fast-paced, unhealthy lifestyle.

The average person eats more during winter months. Who can resist hot food during winter? Even the most renowned fitness experts surrender to the smell of the carrot pudding. But nobody would want to discuss the problems that ensued.

After having delicious and fun spicy food, you may encounter the issue of gas creation during the course of the day. If gas is created it must be removed after a few minutes. This is the reason why it can be very unpleasant at public locations.

The formation of gas can trigger a myriad of difficulties. These include nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, feeling full, frequent bowel movements, etc. In some instances it may also trigger headaches.

India is a nation of food enthusiasts. People here are devoted to enjoying a delicious meal. In such a scenario gas-related issues like constipation are commonplace in India. However, back in the past there were no advanced medical equipment. People used to practice yoga and other home remedies to get rid of these issues.

The great yoga masters of India have also devised a number of yoga asanas that can help overcome the issue of gas following eating. Yoga asanas do not just aid in reducing gas, but also constipation as well as other stomach-related issues. If you’re interested, you could consider joining yoga teacher Course in Rishikesh and Short time yoga Retreat in Rishikesh under the supervision of the guidance of the best yoga teacher in India.

This article we’ll discuss three yoga poses that provide relief from gas and stomach acid. Regularly practicing these yoga poses can not only enhance the digestive system, but alleviate the gas issue. More information about Yoga Pose as well as the asana for digestion system Yoga for constipation 200 Hours of Yoga TTC Rishikesh and Advance 300 Hour Yoga TTC is the best option for you.

Yoga can alleviate the discomfort and pain caused by digestive issues.

Bitilasana Cow Pose

If you regularly practice it, Bitilasan gives excellent massage to the organs in the abdomen. It is extremely helpful in improving digestion and managing metabolism. If you’ve been suffering from the issue of gas and constipation for quite a while This asana will aid you in a significant way.

In addition to digestive health, Cobra Pose improves the flexibility of the spine. It increases prana throughout the body, and also bends the spine. The asana is able to relax pressure in your lower back and neck, as well as the middle back and shoulders.

Bitilasan is a great way to strengthen your muscles of the core by delivering the muscles maximum tension. It aids in strengthening the shoulders, hands and wrists.

Method for doing Cow Pose:

* Spread your yoga mat out on the ground, lie on your mat with legs bent.

* To practice this posture, you could also do it while sitting in the posture of Vajrasana.

Place both of your hands on the floor with your feet facing forward.

* Place a small amount of weight on your hands and lift your hips.

* Straighten your thighs and create an angle of 90 degrees between the knees of the feet.

The chest of yours will appear in line with the floor and you’ll appear as an animal.

Take a deep breath, and then turn your head to the back.

* Move your navel from the bottom to the top.

While doing this lift your tailbone (the lower portion of your spine).

While exhaling the air, lower your head.

Try to gently touch your mouth’s chin towards your chest.

Take a look at how far your knees are while in this standing position.

Remember that your hands shouldn’t be bent in this position.

* Make sure to breathe long and long.

Turn your head to the back and repeat the exercise.

* Repeat this step 10-20 times.

Pawanmuktasana To Treat Constipation

Pawanmuktasana, asana helps in eliminating gas that is not needed from the stomach’s digestive tract. This is why it’s called”the Wind Releasing Pose” in English. Pawanmuktasana is a great posture, and is thought to be essential for good digestion.

Methods of performing Pawanmuktasana

* Sit on your yoga mat and do Shavasana with your back.

* Bend your left knee, and bring it close to the stomach.

* As you exhale, hold two hands’ fingers.

* Place the fingers below the knees.

* Next, try to reach your chest with your left knee.

* Lift the head from the floor and then try to reach the knee with your nose.

* Once you have touched your nose with your knees, remain in this position for between 10 and 30 seconds.

* Inhale slowly, then resume normal breathing.

Do the same process for the other leg.

* Repeat this posture 3 to 5 times over one yoga class.


Cobra posture Bhujangasana is the most effective for gas and constipation. It is a good idea to practice cobra pose daily

What is the best way to perform Bhujangasana:

* Lay down on a smooth surface where your toes and stomach show

Place palms flat on shoulders.

* Engage your legs and abdominal Muscles

* Raise your head a bit and then gently tilt your neck towards the back.

* Place your palms on the floor, gently lift the shoulders and upper body. take a few deep breaths

* Release your lower body and lower it back to the ground.

* The Legs Up with support from Wall.

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