woocommerce vs shopify

Both Shopify and WooCommerce are ecommerce giants. Shopify has stores of like 800,000, and WooCommerce is the central ecommerce platform. Shopify is powerful, easy to use, and reliable, and it even offers awesome templates with brilliant customer support. WooCommerce, on the other hand, will have, all at once, a powerful open-source platform that makes it free to install in a better way. 

WooCommerce and Shopify

Shopify: Its pros and cons

Both platforms have their strengths and even weaknesses. Shopify has pros like you know how much you will pay every month, and the price will be pretty fair. You will be accessible to several apps extending to the store, and the themes are beautiful and plentiful. Shopify itself will handle everything from hosting to security. It will take just a few minutes so that you can launch the stores. Drop shipping is simple with Shopify’s help, and even the support will be the best in the business. Shopify cons are like you do not have any control of the website on Shopify. The customization is the perfect option for you, and now you are stuck with the monthly payment, which will get higher. 

WooCommerce: Its pros and cons

It offers complete control and customization of the website. It has a vast online community. The theme and the plugins are, in fact, endless, and it is like anyone can even make and sell online for better good results. WooCommerce will be simple; even it is likely to configure the WordPress, and even the plugin is free. As per cons, there is no learning curve, and WooCommerce is expensive because of the hosting, plugins and themes. However, you will be in stock to manage everything from the hosting and the security to the maintenance and backups.

The differences: Introduction

If you search for the difference between both, you will get many opinions from the different owners of the business. These insights are helpful, and you must know that Shopify has all the eCommerce solutions designed to give the best of everything, and you can start them online for the better good. Shopify has the power to take all the technical aspects and the complications aspects from running a business, and then you can replace them with easy tools. It takes hardly some minutes to set up the store and run it for a better result. However, it also means that you will not get any control of the website on Shopify.

In WooCommerce, there will be more like a customization option, a self-host software for eCommerce. You can get into the code and then get access to the various areas of the store. WooCommerce has a lot of freedom so that one can build everything in the store, and it is even crucial for the team. You can even run the business in the perfect conjunction for better results. However, the freedom that you witness in WooCommerce comes with a price. Therefore, you must have the idea to handle the technical side of website management and make it effective and safe.

If you are new to website building and do not know anything about website hosting and the details of the hosting provider, then Shopify will be a good choice. But if you like freedom and want to experiment with the website, then you can use WooCommerce. 

  • Shopify will be your choice if you want everything in one package and design the best ecommerce store. Shopify Development Company will help you create a website with all the great features for your website. 
  • WooCommerce will be your choice if you have a WordPress website and do not feel inadequate to take control of the store. WooCommerce Development Company will give you that freedom and customize the website as per your need. 

Design: WooCommerce Vs Shopify

The design plays a vital role in the ecommerce website. Shopify has 54 and more templates and out of which ten are free. The Shopify themes have different variations. Therefore, you will get 100 different designs for the better good. All the themes are mobile-friendly and even opt for other colouring options. The designs are aesthetic, sleek and even look modern and great for websites. The designs are not in-house; instead, the group of professionals who design the website templates and Shopify outsource them. These templates are engaging and effective. The approach is excellent because of the creativity of different people, and it will give better selection. For premium Shopify theme goes up to $180. Even there are free options also, to begin with. 

The attraction of the designs in Shopify leads the webmaster to choose the exact theme for all website owners. Therefore, many website owners have plans on Shopify, and now one can change the colour, style, and even the developers can go with liquid language, which will make the substantial change and helps the brand to stand out. Using a theme editor, one can use it for customization, and you will hide the sections or even remove them if you do not need them. In the theme editor, the hidden sections are still open for customization, but one cannot see them in the front end. 

WooCommerce is all about aesthetics. Depending on the future and current WordPress theme, you can modify the designs for the good. WooCommerce is reliable and cooperates with most market themes, and you will follow solid recommendations for best practices. One can choose a WordPress theme and make it work with WooCommerce. The tailor-made option makes it practical and reliable, offering the best theme to make it functional and practical. To create an ecommerce website, you must remember all the essential elements and make it work for the better.

Price: WooCommerce Vs Shopify

Shopify pricing module is straightforward and clear, but WooCommerce is not the one. WooCommerce is a software plugin that is open source. The plugin is always free, and then you will consider all the additional costs you can take with the online store. Even WordPress is free, but in that case, you need to consider certain things theme price, domain name and even the additional extension of the SSL certificate. 

Shopify offers you the out-of-the-box solution in one single choice. Hence the price package is just a few. Once you sign up, you can use the eCommerce store in a straight manner. Per month for Shopify, you need $29, and WooCommerce with the same setup also charge $29 per month. WooCommerce software is running free with the cost of an eCommerce store then. It is the same as Shopify. With eCommerce, you may need additional extensions of SEO and ensure a payment gateway. These extensions come around $49 to $79. 

Considering the overall price, it is pretty cheap and does not need much work on the setup. However, you must be careful with the budget because the additional extension will come with a price tag. You have spent some time on the setup, with proper management, and translated it into dollars. Shopify believes in the traditional structure of pricing. There are transaction fees, and when you sell something on this platform, you have to pay a small fee as a processing payment.

Features: WooCommerce vs Shopify

The pricing looks different, but they are somewhat similar, and now you have to consider the features of both ecommerce websites to check whether they are reliable per your need or not. Shopify will offer you features like unlimited products, file storage, fraud analysis, manual order creation, a blog module, editable CSS and HTML, discount codes, drop shipping, mobile commerce optimization, and customer profiles. In addition, SEO-ready structure, daily backups, print orders, inventory management, gift cards, digital and physical products, abandon the cart and its recovery. Full feature mobile apps are the various features of Shopify that the user will get, and one can make the best use of them to create the best website for an ecommerce business.

WooCommerce offers digital and physical products. Payment will be there through built-in Stripe and PayPal. There will be adjustable shipping taxes and rates. There is stock level control with unlimited product categories and products, there will be flexible shipping rates, the user will have control of the complete data, it works with WordPress theme, and there are hundreds of plugins. 


Therefore, you have all the details of the differences between the ecommerce giants. It depends on o where you will establish your business and how you will improve it. It will create a better balance in your business, and you will get tremendous results. Choosing the right platform per your preference and choice and budget will give you better satisfaction. It will effectively make a good return, and you will get the best result to help your business grow and effectively create a good result. So look no further, and you will establish your business for the better good on the best 3rd party ecommerce platform. 

By Anurag Rathod

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