wiley x moxy sunglasses

Do you feel excitement while riding with your high-speed motorcycle on the road? What about tinted eyewear? Wiley x moxy glasses are an ideal choice to get protection from harmful dust and wind while riding.

Besides, prescription glasses are an essential accessory for every rider because they can save you from a variety of problems. The primary function of riding glasses is to deliver excellent safety to your face and eyes from different weather conditions.

Included hazards on the road can be flying objects, tiny insects that are dangerous for your peepers. There are plenty of motorcycle glasses that are accessible for those people who want to wear them during favorite riding.

Lenses Variety for Wiley X Motorcycle Glasses:

Different shapes are available with a variety of lenses that fulfill the requirements of the bike riders. Here, we shall help you to find the best Wiley x eyeglasses that can provide you complete safety to your eyes.

Besides, such types of eyewear are manufactured to deliver maximum safety and comfort that cannot get by regular eyewear. Some motorcycle sunglasses come with transparent lenses that can use them for all purposes.

Other options are grey lenses, and these are the best choice due to providing excellent contrast and safety from sun rays. Besides, wileyx glasses come with prescription lenses that eradicate the necessity of standard sunglasses. Therefore, bikers who wear prescription glasses can also wear prescription sunglasses while riding.

Oredr Wiley X Prescription Sunglasses for Riding:

The most common motorcycle goggles are available with twisted frames. The best feature is that they make sure that your entire eyes will be protected from all possible hazards.

These hazards can create disturbance and can distract your attention during riding. But if you wear prescription eyewear, you have two choices. Wear contact lenses with the standard riding glasses or go with goggles over your prescription glasses.

Due to advanced technology, there are many choices that you can buy wiley x riding sunglasses or goggles for bike riding with prescription lenses. But it depends on the brands, some frames come without prescription, and some come with prescription inserts. So, be careful in the selection of the model, and you must know about the limitation of prescription.

Which Wiley X Motorcycle Sunglasses Should You Choose?

Plenty of choices come in the form of prescription goggles. Photochromic lenses are the best choice because they become dark automatically under bright sunlight. They work well in front of UV rays and become clear in dark conditions.

Even transparent lenses shield your eyes from UV rays, and these lenses are the best choice for goggles. For wileyx prescription sunglasses, you can pick that frame that can nicely fit with prescription lenses.

Besides, transition lenses are an ideal choice for sunglasses because you don’t need to grab an extra pair of eyewear with you. Plenty of options are available for prescription lenses to pick from, and plastic lenses are the best ones.

Plastic lenses are the cheapest option, and polycarbonate is the best one because they are impact resistant. Polycarbonate glasses are lightweight and 30% more shatter-resistant, and thinner than other material eyewear.

If you are searching for thinner lenses than polycarbonate, then choose high-index lenses. They do not impact resistance but thinner and lighter than polycarbonate. But they are expensive than other plastic and polycarbonate glasses.

Some high-index lenses are the most expensive and 50% thinner and lighter than polycarbonate lenses. On the other hand, plastic, high index lenses, and glasses are not impact resistant. So, for you not to go with the high index lenses.

You need to impact resistance glasses that can withstand any hazards. So, prefer polycarbonate wileyx goggles for better protection while riding.

Wiley X Moxy Eyeglasses with Different Lens Types:

  • Brown and gray shades for polarized lenses are the best choices for goggles if you use them for riding. You are facing bright sunlight, and they will provide excellent protection to your eyes. Wileyx polarized lenses deliver maximum safety with increasing visual acuity. Besides, they can increase comfort and contrast by cutting out glare. No other kinds of lenses are ideal to combat this situation.
  • Transitions lenses are the most common choice if you want to use them for everyday purposes. These lenses shield your eyes from UV rays damaging and glare. Besides, they become clear in indoor settings and automatically come in shaded tints in bright settings. Therefore, they deliver convenient safety.

Transition lenses are activated in front of UV rays but don’t become dark inside the car. Available colors options are brown and grey their anti-reflect coating is preferred on these lenses.

So, whether you are a touring addict and hardcore rider, you require using the best motorcycle glasses for maximum safety. By wearing a pair of riding glasses, pr agency you will look cool and feel comfortable while riding with the best protection.


Since there are sheer amounts of eyewear brands, colors, model shapes, and design. But it would better to choose Wiley x moxy riding sunglasses because it is the right choice to move one.

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