Wikipedia Has Been the Stepping Stone for The Community

Wikipedia has been an interesting place of information, data and facts. However, its home to some extremely haunting and crazy facts as well.  Since Wikipedia is the free encyclopedia and any one can make contributions into it either you are an individual or a wiki page creation, the Wikipedia has been the launch pad for all of us. 

Well, one might haven’t expected that the professional Wikipedia expert might have truly strange and creepy pages and to fill up you in excitement we have found some for you

The strange plot theory of Constantine emperor 

So fundamentally this is the strange plot theory explaining that the Holy Roman Emperor Otto 3 the pope Sylvester 2 and the Emperor Constantine 7 all had the same desire to be living in the exceptional year of AD 1000 so they out of thin air introduced a century or two to place them in the same year. Hence it reveals that the Carolingian period and Charlemagne haven’t been into existence.

The pink Floyds Album  

When someone had the notion to play the famous album from Pink Floyds, The Dark side of the moon, with the famous film wizard of Oz the consequences were disconcerting as there has been a number of moments when the found to collaborate with each other. 

The grim murder mystery 

The wonderful Bavarian farm and strange occurrences out there, everyone faced a brutal death at the farm which is unsolved till today. The numerous contributions from individuals and create a Wikipedia page for your business in the article reads like the uninviting murder mysteries, with a feel of some supernatural influences. And there are many lists of the unsolved mysteries 

The earliest UFO spotted in 1440 BCE 

It’s true that the people have been spotting UFO’s earlier than expected by the modern individuals. The earliest was in the 1440 BCE Egypt when the illuminators belonging to pharaohs group spotted a disc like object floating through the skies. Afterwards there were several inhuman sighting observed across the Roman empire and the Greek reign and even there has been some of them in the darkest of eras. The most fascinating has been in 150 BCE, in a normal sunny day in the regions of Italy the kin of Pius Pope spotted a beast and a maiden in white  

The Mojave Desert mystery 

Think of wandering in the dark nights of Mojave deserts, as the heavy winds blow you hear the swooshing of sand. The moon shimmers and suddenly you experience a supernatural sound. May be television or a telephone 

Recently, the huge spider is spotted and recognized by the experts is the Goliath bird eater seen in the Mojave Desert. It’s known for its leg span of 11 inches. And is gigantic spider is bigger than a yardsticks well these are the tales and the stories of more bigger spiders have been noted in the same Desert 

The comet explosion 

It’s quite easy to disremember how delicate we humans are really we have several narrow escapes, however, the riskiest was the Tunguska event. The comet blown up over the region of Siberia, creating an earthquake of magnitude 5 and crushed all the trees under it. That was one of the huge impact ever recorded in the history 

The explosion was noted to carry an energy equivalent to 1000 times of the nuclear explosion made on Hiroshima. What could have happened if the explosion had been over the huge population rather than on Siberia?  

Cursed tomb of Egypt 

This might be much strange. Though it is a screen play of the beatnik that has never been completed. Any person showing interest to make through it soon dies. The situation was no different than the cursed tomb of Egypt 

The red army march towards Demmin   

The depressing reads from Wikipedia is of the Demmin. When the red army was marching through the regions of Germany raping and robbing every resident of the small town 

The German found peace in taking their own lives instead of surrendering themselves to the fury of the army. It was most focused in the region of Demmin, where daughters took the lives of their parents and the parents killed their children to set them free from the painful circumstances. Considering the survivors, the decision made by the Demines were right for the situation 

The disfigured man 

At the age of 9 Robinson had gone through an accident that permanently made him lose his figure. For his whole life he only used to go out at night so as the public shouldn’t be panicked. People created many stories about him and many tourist tried to catch a glimpse following him at night. What’s interesting is he lived for 74 years had good friends and liked by family.