Light Bulbs

There are multiple reasons for a light bulb explosion if the bulbs burnout frequently it requires close attention. No matter whatever the reason it may be, the explosion of bulbs is scary and if you have faced something like that, then it is important for you to get in touch with an electrician and know the reasons why light is exploded in the first place. In this article, we will list the most common reasons why bulbs explode, but that is not it. There can be some underlying issue, specific in your household alone. Get an idea of the reasons these bulbs explode and why you need to hire an electrician to check the socket immediately by reading the article.

Improper Insulation of Bulb

This is not your fault or the fault of wiring in your house either. This fault is caused by bulb manufacturers. Sometimes a bulb is not properly insulated and has some issues. The lack of proper insulation will cause the melting of the metal belt. As the belt melts, the gas present inside the bulb will start leaking which will turn into an explosion. However, detecting insulation issues is not something that common people can do. So, it is better if you call in an electrician and get your bulb checked upon first. That way you can be assured there is nothing wrong with the socket or the wiring.

Issues with Bulb Wattage

Most of the people out there are unaware of it, but every bulb socket will have a wattage rating and the bulb you will put in the socket should not have higher wattage than the prescribed one. If a mismatch of wattage happens, it can cause the bulb to implode because of more pressure. It is mandatory to have the wattage rating on the side of the socket and if you do not find one on yours, contact the manufacturer and get details. Mismatch of wattage is the last reason you want your bulb to explode.

Loose Connection in the Socket

When you are inserting the bulb into the socket, ensure that the bulb sat tight in it and there is no loose connection. If any loose connection occurs, it can make electricity jump from one point to another rather than flowing through it, and this will heat the bulb resulting in its explosion. So, you must always remember to insert the bulb perfectly and make sure it sat inside the socket snuggly. 

Oil in Your Hands

This will not happen with all kinds of bulbs, but if you are going with Halogen bulbs, then you have to be extremely careful with the explosion. The halogen bulbs are sensitive to your skin oils and can eventually react to it. If the halogen bulb absorbs the oil present in your hands, it will start reacting and heats up the surface. This heat will melt the metal and gas present in bulb leaks, causing an explosion. So, it is better to get professional help from an electrician if you are planning on getting a halogen bulb.

These are some of the most common reasons why bulbs explode, but you cannot limit the possibilities here. Faulty wiring can cause this kind of explosion or even a trip in your fuse box can cause the explosion of your bulb. There is a myriad of reasons why bulbs generally explode, and it is not something that you can tackle by yourself. So, it is advisable to get in touch with an electrician and get the wiring checked out. 

By Anurag Rathod

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