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5 Household Items Ready to Clean Your Jewelry

5 Household Items Ready to Clean Your Jewelry

Ultrasonic jewelry cleaners are like dish washers for your jewelry. 

You put your pieces in the tray lower into the tank filled with water. 

Then, choose the program and start the cleaner. 

Your pieces will be bright and shiny under five minutes! 

Unfortunately, ultrasonic cleaners do not have artificial intelligence built-in, yet! 

They do not know what and how to clean. 

That is your job to put in the right pieces, choose the program and manage the cleaning. 

There are many items not appropriate for ultrasonic cleaning such soft and porous stones. 

Tungsten jewelry should not be put in an ultrasonic machine. 

Ultrasonic waves of above 40 Khz will not play well with these items. 

They may be damaged beyond repair. 

Ultrasonic jewelry cleaners are very good with plain pieces like gold chain or bracelet and hard untreated stones with no cracks like diamonds. 

There are many devices like Magnasonic ultrasonic jewelry cleanerswhich offer ultrasound technology for home use.

Happily, there are other methods suitable for every piece of jewelry. 

For example, steam cleaning is a professional solution which is not brought to home use. 

There are many affordable steam jewelry cleaners on the market. 

These machines only use hot-water steam blasts to throw away dirt from even the hardest parts of your pieces. 

Nevertheless, again, these are not good for every piece. 

This leads us to cleaning our jewelry manually. 

There are many commercial products on the market. 

There are dips, wipes, foams and solutions for cleaning every sort of jewelry. 

Low or high each one has a price tag which means money going out of your pocket. 

However, you’d be surprised how you can clean your jewelry with household items! 

The infographic below illuminates five handy methods with very good results for cleaning jewelry. 

5 household items ready to clean your jew

There are five different methods for cleaning jewelry with ketchup, dish soap, lemon, baking soda, vinegar. 

As a bonus, check the “7 Ways to Clean with Vinegar “ video below. 

The last one will make your stainless steel surfaces stain and fingerprint free!   

Tip #1

Complaining about the smell in your fridge?

Put a small bowl of white vinegar on a shelf.

The bad smell will disappear in very short time.

Tip #2

Don’t you like odor and watermarks on your glass items?

Again, plain distilled vinegar can be your solution.

Put 2 glasses of vinegar in a small bowl.

Place the bowl on the top rack of your dishwasher.

Start it as usual.

When the washing ends, you’ll be surprised by how few marks there are on glasses and the lack of artificial chemical smell.

Tip #3

Chrome pieces look so cool and they are very trendy.

You always want the chrome pipes and faucets to shine.

However, they tend to lose their luster with time.

The remedy is again apple cider vinegar.

Take a micro fiber cloth and dip into vinegar.

Wipe your chrome faucets to return them to their glory shine!

Tip #4

Prepare a large bowl with half water half vinegar.

Leave your cutlery to rest inside the bowl for 10 minutes.

Take them out and wipe with a micro fiber cloth.

Tip #5

Opening windows may not be enough to get rid of the cooking smell after kitchen time.

Moreover, the weather might be too cold for keeping windows open for a long time.

Vinegar again comes to the rescue!

Take a sauce pan a fill it with water and vinegar with a two to one ratio and boil it.

Tip #6

Put vinegar in the fabric softener compartment of your washing machine.

It will soften dirt and give a better smell to your clothes!

Tip #7

Finger prints and anything reducing stainless steel’s shine are no-no.

Make a 1-to-1 water and vinegar solution and spray it on the steel surface.

Wipe your fridge and other stainless steel kitchenware with a microfiber cloth. 

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