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Why Cardboard Boxes Preferred in the E-commerce Industry?

Why Cardboard Boxes Preferred in the E-commerce Industry?

For years cardboard boxes have been used for carrying and delivering products around the world from point of origin to point of use. The adaptability of cardboard boxes has become pivotal with the growth of e-commerce and online shopping.

Corrugated boxes have always been considered as trusted containers for transporting all kinds of products from manufacturers to retailer to consumers.

Let us know why cardboard boxes have become the first choice for all in the eCommerce industry.

Eco Friendly and Sustainable

Corrugated packaging is considered as the guilt-free and responsible choice for packing and delivering, due to its sustainability. It comprises of recyclable materials and is produced without the use of dyes or bleaches hence are harmless and are reusable as well.


When compared to other packaging products, cardboard boxes are extremely viable for the business of any size. They are highly affordable and lightweight. As these cardboard boxes are lightweight, it does not add too much to the weight of the product during transit and hence, save fuel followed by reducing transportation cost.

Are A Great Source Of Marketing And Promotion

Cardboard boxes can easily be transformed using colours and also through shaping. Cardboard is easy to print on or embossed to create personal packaging.

One can easily transform a dull packaging into vibrant and colourful packaging. Brand identity can be created by designing a logo and shaping it into a unique style as per your product requirement.


Cardboard boxes are durable and can prevent products inside from getting damaged. It also prevents moisture from infiltrating the product and hence can withstand long time transportation protecting products kept inside throughout the journey.

Boxes are a part of day to day life for all of us. They are now visible more than ever due to growth in e-commerce. They provide extraordinary value delivering the products in an unspoilt manner to consumers. Apart from this un-boxing becomes a thrilling and exciting experience that makes customers happy.

Types of Packaging for e-commerce

Choosing the right type of packaging for your e-commerce business is important. A typical brown cardboard box with a little bit of cushioning is sturdy and can withstand the moderate weight. There are different types of choices available; we have listed a few types below:

Regular Slotted Containers

These are industry standard boxes that come in a variety of sizes. It is an economically viable option. They are known to have flaps that are equal in length.

Full Overlap

The full overlap corrugated boxes have two parallel flaps that entirely cover the opening of the box. Due to which it provides maximum opening security. Although, additional adhesives are also required for proper security. They have double reinforced sides due to which it becomes less likely to be disfigured while being transported.

Auto-Locking Bottom

The auto-locking bottom moving boxes have a folding mechanism that allows the cardboard flaps to interlock with each other when pushed down. It offers faster setup time and also saves on tape expenses.

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