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Beating the heat during sunny days is crucial to stay comfortable in your home or office. However, when you reside in the UK, it is needless to say that you are going to experience neverending heat waves. You need to make your home cooler. This is where you need to know the ways to beat the heat at the home.

Although air conditioners are the best way to keep your home or office cooler, why is air conditioning installation so uncommon in the UK?

So, today, we will find out the best solutions for air conditioning installation and repair in London. With no ado, let’s throw light on why AC is uncommon in the UK and what you can do to keep yourself cool in summer.

Uncover Why Air Conditioning Unit Uncommon In The UK

As per the report by Mintel in 2008, only 0.5% of houses, flats, and offices have any kind of built-in Air con. In Contrast, the USA has built-in air conditioners in 100 million houses. However, there are many interesting facts behind it. Have a look!

The properties in London are too old. Well, few of them are older than the existence of the USA.

Homes in London are made of bricks. They also already have a water heater and electric system, making air conditioning installation in London difficult.

Until now, the UK was cooler as it faced heat only for 3 months only. So, people are not likely to see any return on the investment of air conditioning installation for many years. But there is a sudden shift in the climate of London due to global warming.

The Mercury is rising across London and heat waves are lasting longer and longer every year. Now, the summers are drier and hotter. Hence in London, more and more people are investing in air conditioning installation to make their lives bearable in the coming summer heat waves. Thus, more than 200,000 air cons were sold in the UK in 2018 and hikes to 40%.

Is Air Conditioning Installation Expensive in London?

As you know, there are only a few Air con in London. Why? Are air conditioners worthy in London? Have a quick look at different types of ACs, their costs, and other factors before making a wise decision to install.

Incorporating a cooling system in homes in London is a good idea to prevent overheating.  With the various options available for installation, you need to choose the best air con meeting your needs. Although modern appliances are popular for their efficiency,  working of AC is dependent on electricity. So, it alleviates your power utility costs.

Different Types Of Air Conditioning Units Available In London For Installation

Of course, one AC unit will not fit all needs and solutions. So, several options are available ranging from portable, split, ductless, to fully integrated cooling appliances. You should look for brand quality and customer testimonials before making the decision. Everyone wants to invest in good products and expect maximum comfort. Consult with professional air conditioning installation services to get an ideal unit.

Portable ACs are pocket friendly, and hence, gaining popularity in London homes. On the other hand, a fully integrated air con will keep your whole house cool. This is why they are a bit costlier than portable ones, as portable units don’t include installation cost. However, the cost of air con depends on the size and output of the unit that you install.

Along with cooling your space, Air conditioner also aids with air purification. However, good working conditions of AC is a must for improving air quality. So, you need to call air conditioning repair london professionals instantly if you suspect anything wrong with the appliance.

Professionals will reach you quickly for effective air conditioning repair. After they leave, you can ensure fast acting effects of the cooling system  .

We understand how frustrating and uncomfortable it is when your AC breaks down suddenly and needs early replacement. You can avoid this through annual servicing. Experts will check the refrigerant levels and ensure there are no leaks, clogs, and dirt. It will help to restrict frequent repairs and hefty energy bills. So, stay cooler and comfortable in your home or office with an efficient air conditioning unit.


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